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Wetware refers to programmers, developers, systems administrators, cloud and IT architects and other employees that directly affect how servers, applications, networks and the rest of an IT system functions. More

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"The idea that cybercriminals are moving from utilizing weaknesses in the software to attacking the 'wetware' is a disturbing one and demands that we respond by improving people's awareness of these rogue programs so that they aren't so easily deceived." - Dr. Antonia Ward

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    What do you call electronically-stored communication that cannot be categorized properly by a text mining software program?
    a. noisy text
    b. complex text

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    cloud engineer

    Cloud engineers have three to five years' experience with multiple cloud provider environments.

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NHL data centers serve up HD video, data for fans

The National Hockey League's infrastructure must stream 40 games a week online in HD and make mountains of statistics accessible to fans.