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intrapreneur (intrapreneurship)

Intrapreneurs are employees who use entrepreneurial skills and critical thinking to seek out initiatives that could benefit the organization financially. More

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"Innovation -- ideas -- are like sparks, and it is very easy to extinguish them. There're a lot of people who can say 'No' and stomp them out. That's a dangerous thing, so we put structures in place with the goal of encouraging those sparks, fanning the sparks." -- Tom Leighton

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    What type of data analysis would you use to answer a single, specific business question?
    a. agile
    b. ad hoc

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    cloud engineer

    Cloud engineers have three to five years' experience with multiple cloud provider environments.

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NHL data centers serve up HD video, data for fans

The National Hockey League's infrastructure must stream 40 games a week online in HD and make mountains of statistics accessible to fans.