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A holacracy is a governance structure characterized by a distribution of power among self-organizing groups, rather than the typical top-down hierarchical corporate culture model. More

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"When companies implement self-managed teams, supervisors become coaches. A manager's role is to make decisions and instruct team members in ways to tackle any situation; a coach guides team members and helps them improve their decision-making skills." -- Paul Korzeniowski

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    What do you call a large object-based storage repository that holds data in its native format until it is needed?
    a. data lake
    b. storage bin

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    data confabulation

    Data confabulation is a business intelligence term for the selective and possibly misleading use of data to support a decision that has already been made.

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NHL data centers serve up HD video, data for fans

The National Hockey League's infrastructure must stream 40 games a week online in HD and make mountains of statistics accessible to fans.