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Tesla Powerwall

Powerwall, which is aimed at the residential market, is designed to store power generated by solar panels or wind turbines at peak time for use during power outages and out-of-peak time, including night. More

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"Tesla has the ability to leverage what I call ecosystem carryover: using existing positions in existing market spaces to jump-start a winning position in a new market space." -- Ron Adner

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    What do you call electronically-stored communication that cannot be categorized properly by a text mining software program?
    a. noisy text
    b. complex text

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    data confabulation

    Data confabulation is a business intelligence term for the selective and possibly misleading use of data to support a decision that has already been made.

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NHL data centers serve up HD video, data for fans

The National Hockey League's infrastructure must stream 40 games a week online in HD and make mountains of statistics accessible to fans.