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obfuscation (obfu)

Obfuscation, in general, describes a practice that is used to intentionally make something more difficult to understand. In an programming context, it means to make code harder to understand or read. More

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“Ultimately, the most important step to deter attack obfuscation is preventing a host from being compromised in the first place.” - Nick Lewis

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    This is the blending of tasks performed by a company's application development and systems operations teams.
    a. AppDev
    b. DevOps
    b. SysOps

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    A microservice is a platform-agnostic form of application development in which the application is built as a suite of services, each of which supports a specific business goal and uses a simple, ...

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Nutanix Prism

Users manage Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure technology through Prism -- software that provides management of clusters, virtual machines and networking through a single interface.