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mobile backend as a service (mobile BaaS)

Mobile backend as a service, also known simply as Backend as a Service (BaaS), is a computing architecture that connects mobile applications to cloud computing services. More

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"MBaaS eliminates the need to set up servers, build authentication components, plan for scalability, customize systems or take many of the other steps necessary to implement and support a complex back-end infrastructure." - Robert Sheldon

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    What is a container?
    a. an isolated guest in operating system-level virtualization
    b. an isolated computing environment used by software developers 

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    design thinking

    Design thinking is an iterative approach to problem solving that intentionally seeks out people with different perspectives, knowledge, skills and experience and has them work together to create a ...

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Nutanix Prism

Users manage Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure technology through Prism -- software that provides management of clusters, virtual machines and networking through a single interface.