About Us

About Us


WhatIs.com® is a knowledge exploration and self-education tool about information technology that contains over 7,500 definitions as well as an equal number of topical fast references, cheat sheets and quizzes. The site, which is updated each weekday, is used primarily by information technology (IT) and business professionals.

Created by IBM technical writer Lowell Thing during the early days of the Internet, WhatIs.com was acquired by TechTarget in 1999. For the last decade, site content has been researched by editorial director Margaret Rouse and content editor Ivy Wigmore, who write definitions and post learning content with the assistance of experts in specific areas of technology and business. Suggestions for new definitions, updates and useful links have been received from over 50,000 contributors representing over 60 countries.

Much of the value of WhatIs.com is derived from its "page bonding" with TechTarget's other IT-specific Web sites. Many WhatIs.com definitions are served directly from a topic-specific SearchSite to provide readers with easy access to relevant news, tips, ebooks, learning guides, videos and white papers.

About TechTarget:
TechTarget, a leading online technology media company, gives technology providers ROI-focused marketing programs to generate leads, shorten sales cycles, and grow revenues. With its network of more than 60 technology-specific websites and more than 7.5 million registered members, TechTarget is a primary Web destination for technology professionals researching products to purchase. The company is also a leading provider of independent, peer and vendor content, a leading distributor of white papers, and a leading producer of webcasts, podcasts, videos and virtual trade shows for the technology market. Its websites are complemented by numerous invitation-only events. TechTarget provides proven lead generation and branding programs to top advertisers including Cisco, Dell, EMC, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, SAP and Symantec.

For inquiries about WhatIs.com, contact TechTarget at 617-431-9200.