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  • May 19, 2017 19 May'17

    Facebook Spaces

    Facebook Spaces is the social media company’s virtual reality (VR) application that allows users to interact in a virtual environment as if they were in the same room.  Continue Reading

  • May 17, 2017 17 May'17

    robot economy

    The robot economy is an environment in which most labor is performed by robots and software. The word robot, in this context, refers to both physical systems and AI-enhanced software such as expert systems.  Continue Reading

  • May 16, 2017 16 May'17

    performance crime

    A performance crime is an illegal act that is committed with the intention of being witnessed by an audience or seeking an audience afterwards.  Continue Reading

  • May 13, 2017 13 May'17

    vertical farming

    Vertical farming is the practice of growing vegetables and fruit in vertically stacked layers. The practice can be based on soil, hydroponic or aeroponic growing methods.  Continue Reading

  • May 11, 2017 11 May'17


    A dongle (pronounced DONG-uhl) is a mechanism for ensuring that only authorized users can copy or use specific software applications, especially very expensive programs.  Continue Reading

  • May 11, 2017 11 May'17

    simulator sickness

    Simulator sickness is a form of motion sickness related to interacting with a simulated environment. It can be caused, for example, by discrepancies between the simulated vehicle motion in a simulator and the user's perception or expectation of ...  Continue Reading

  • May 11, 2017 11 May'17

    red herring

    A red herring is a logical fallacy in which irrelevant information is presented alongside relevant information, distracting attention from that relevant information.  Continue Reading

  • May 10, 2017 10 May'17

    halo effect

    The halo effect is a form of cognitive bias which causes one part to make the whole seem more attractive or desirable.  Continue Reading

  • May 09, 2017 09 May'17

    augmented intelligence

    Augmented intelligence is an alternative conceptualization of artificial intelligence that emphasizes AI's assistive role, supplementing human intelligence rather than replacing it.  Continue Reading

  • May 08, 2017 08 May'17

    Project Owl

    Project Owl is an endeavor by Google to try to reduce the amount of fake news and hate speech from showing in its search results.  Continue Reading

  • May 06, 2017 06 May'17

    head tracking

    Head tracking is a software application that monitors a user’s head position and orientation. It’s often used alongside face and eye tracking to help and improve human-computer interaction (HCI).  Continue Reading

  • May 06, 2017 06 May'17

    interactive whiteboard

    An interactive whiteboard, also known as a smartboard, is an interactive display in the format of a whiteboard that reacts to user input either directly or through other devices.  Continue Reading

  • May 06, 2017 06 May'17

    smart projector

    A smart projector is a video projector with extra inputs, connectivity and a built-in computer that is used primarily for entertainment and presentations.  Continue Reading

  • May 06, 2017 06 May'17

    image recognition

    Image recognition, in the context of machine vision, is the ability of software to identify objects, places, people, writing and actions in images.  Continue Reading

  • May 05, 2017 05 May'17

    behavior-based security

    Behavior-based security is a proactive approach to managing security incidents that involves monitoring end user devices, networks and servers in order to flag or block suspicious activity.  Continue Reading

  • May 04, 2017 04 May'17

    data gravity

    Data gravity is an attribute of data that is manifest in the way software and services are drawn to it relative to its mass (the amount of data).  Continue Reading

  • May 03, 2017 03 May'17

    cybersecurity insurance

    Cybersecurity insurance is a contract that an individual or entity can purchase to help reduce the financial risks associated with doing business online. In exchange for a monthly or quarterly fee, the insurance policy transfers some of the risk to ...  Continue Reading

  • May 02, 2017 02 May'17

    video projector

    A video projector is an electronic device that takes input audio/visual signals and outputs video onto any flat surface.  Continue Reading

  • May 02, 2017 02 May'17

    stateless app

    A stateless app is an application program that does not save client data generated in one session for use in the next session with that client. Each session is carried out as if it was the first time and is not dependent upon data from a previous ...  Continue Reading




  • copyright

    Copyright is a legal term describing ownership of control of the rights to the use and distribution of certain works of creative ...

  • keylogger (keystroke logger or system monitor)

    A keylogger, sometimes called a keystroke logger or system monitor, is a type of surveillance technology used to monitor and ...

  • password

    A password is an unspaced sequence of characters used to determine that a computer user requesting access to a computer system is...



  • business continuity plan (BCP)

    A business continuity plan (BCP) is a document that consists of the critical information an organization needs to continue ...

  • call tree

    A call tree -- sometimes referred to as a phone tree -- is a telecommunications chain for notifying specific individuals of an ...

  • mass notification system (MNS)

    A mass notification system is a platform that sends one-way messages to inform employees and the public of an emergency.


  • CompactFlash card (CF card)

    A CompactFlash card (CF card) is a memory card format developed by SanDisk in 1994 that uses flash memory technology to store ...

  • email archiving

    Email archiving (also spelled e-mail archiving) is a systematic approach to saving and protecting the data contained in email ...

  • RAID (redundant array of independent disks)

    RAID (redundant array of independent disks) is a way of storing the same data in different places on multiple hard disks to ...


  • M.2 SSD

    An M.2 SSD is a solid-state drive (SSD) that conforms to a computer industry specification written for internally mounted storage...

  • NVMe (non-volatile memory express)

    NVMe (non-volatile memory express) is a host controller interface and storage protocol to enable a solid-state drive to use the ...

  • SSD RAID (solid-state drive RAID)

    SSD RAID (solid-state drive RAID) is a methodology commonly used to protect data by distributing redundant data blocks across ...


  • RESTful API

    A RESTful application program interface breaks down a transaction to create a series of small modules, each of which addresses an...

  • cloud storage infrastructure

    Cloud storage infrastructure is the hardware and software framework that supports the computing requirements of a private or ...

  • Zadara VPSA and ZIOS

    Zadara Storage provides block, file or object storage with varying levels of compute and capacity through its ZIOS and VPSA ...