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Ivy Wigmore Content Editor Whatis.com

    Ivy Wigmore is content editor on WhatIs.com, the IT encyclopedia engine behind TechTarget’s large network of technology media websites. Ivy spends her days writing and editing definitions and other learning content, including quizzes, reference guides and cheat sheets. She’s a lapsed programmer-analyst and an award-winning writer who also blogs about technology and business writing. Ivy likes to say that she’s been writing for WhatIs since before the turn of the century, even if it does make her sound old.

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    A note from the author: 

    It’s been amazing to write for WhatIs over the last dozen years or so, watching the phenomenal advances in technology over that time. Sometimes definitions that originally seemed not only speculative but positively futuristic end up current enough that we just have to change ‘may become’ to ‘is.’ Other things haven’t come to pass quite as envisioned. Either way, though, this is a fascinating time to be writing about technology.”