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Jython is an open source implementation of the Python programming language, integrated with the Java platform. A programmer can compile Python source code to Java bytecode , and run the code on any Java virtual machine . The integration of Python and Java gives programmers access to all Java libraries. Developers can create applet s, use JavaBean s, and also designate the class es of either language as subclasses within the other. Jython itself is written in Java and supplemented by the dynamic object-oriented programming features of Python; it allows Python to run on any Java platform.

Jython is designed to facilitate several specific types of tasks, including: embedded scripting , which allows programmers to include Jython libraries during development, so that end users can more easily adapt applications to their particular needs; interactive experimentation, which involves an active interpreter that allows developers to see the effect of changes immediately; and rapid application development ( RAD ), which is facilitated by Python's capability of generating a program one-half to one-tenth as long (thus more efficient) as an equivalent Java program.

The original version, called JPython, was developed by Jim Hugunin and released in late 1997. In October 2000, Barry Warsaw moved JPython to SourceForge.net, an open source development Web site that maintains a large repository of freely available code and applications. At SourceForge, the name JPython was changed (because of a license clause) to its current, more intuitively pronounceable name. Jython 2.0 is being further developed through a collaborative volunteer effort.

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