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~PR - ~~~

  • ~PR - Project backup file ( ...
  • ~PR - Terramodel Project Backup
  • ~RE - Img file
  • ~RE - Image File
  • ~SG - TapCIS Message Index File
  • ~T~ - RK Archiver Temporary ...
  • ~Y7 - Synchro Studio 7 Backup ...
  • ~~ - Temporary file
  • ~~A - Windows / Applog File
  • ~~A - Ap File
  • ~~C - Microsoft Windows applog...
  • ~~D - Windows / Applog File
  • ~~D - Microsoft Windows applog...
  • ~~F - Windows Applog File
  • ~~M - Windows Applog File
  • ~~~ - Temporary file



  • pure risk (absolute risk)

    Pure risk, also called absolute risk, is a category of threat that is beyond human control and has only one possible outcome if ...

  • risk assessment

    Risk assessment is the identification of hazards that could negatively impact an organization's ability to conduct business.

  • audit program (audit plan)

    An audit program, also called an audit plan, is an action plan that documents what procedures an auditor will follow to validate ...




  • business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR)

    Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) are closely related practices that describe an organization's preparation for ...

  • business continuity plan (BCP)

    A business continuity plan (BCP) is a document that consists of the critical information an organization needs to continue ...

  • call tree

    A call tree -- sometimes referred to as a phone tree -- is a telecommunications chain for notifying specific individuals of an ...



  • 3D XPoint

    3D XPoint is memory storage technology jointly developed by Intel and Micron Technology Inc.

  • RRAM or ReRAM (resistive RAM)

    RRAM or ReRAM (resistive random access memory) is a form of nonvolatile storage that operates by changing the resistance of a ...


    JEDEC is a global industry group that develops open standards for microelectronics.


  • Google Cloud Storage

    Google Cloud Storage is an enterprise public cloud storage platform that can house large unstructured data sets.

  • RESTful API

    A RESTful application program interface breaks down a transaction to create a series of small modules, each of which addresses an...

  • cloud storage infrastructure

    Cloud storage infrastructure is the hardware and software framework that supports the computing requirements of a private or ...