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CUR File Format

Windows Cursor

CUR is a file extension for a static or animated cursor image file format in Microsoft Windows. CUR files can be seen alongside the newer ANI formatted files, even in Windows 7.

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Patrick Meader wrote this introduction to Windows 7 for Developers.


CXT is a file extensionfor aprotected (not editable) "Cast" (resource) file formatformerly used by Adobe's Director Multimedia authoring software. Director currently uses the CCT file extension instead.

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Visit the Adobe Directorweb page.

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DOG is a file extensionfor a Screen Saver fileformatused by Laughing Dog Screen Saver.

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DOS is a file extensionfor a generic network driver file format used by MicrosoftDisk Operating System.

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DRAW is a file extensionfor anobject-based vector graphicsimagefile formatused by Acorn/ RiscOSgraphic applicationDraw. Draw files can also be marked as DRW, however in the Risc OS the file system uses a range of three bytes to define possible file types: &000-&FFF and there are no file extensions only type meta data.

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DRW is a file extensionfor file a vector graphicsformatused by Micrografx and other vector graphics programs. Micrografx Is now owned by Corel who releases it under the new name of iGrafx.

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Visit the Corel IGrafx web page.

DSC is a file extensionfor a discardfile formatused by Oracle. When enabled and needed a DSC file is created containing the records from a data base that did not match any of the criteria in the control file.

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DSP is a file extensionfor a C++project file formatused by MicrosoftVisual Studio. DSP files pertain to a single project and contain settings and references to source code and asset files used in the C++ programbeing developed.

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Visit the Developer Studio web page.

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FAXis a file extensionfor a FAX Type imagefile formatused by Fax software for files received and to be sent by the computers Fax modem. FAX files are usually saved with TIFF formatting.

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FIL is a file extensionfor a template file formatused by an application generator. Application generators use if the else based statements to generate applicationsmore easily that programing Languages like C++ or COBOL. One Statement can often be enough to generate a routine or sometimes even a whole program.

CUR is a file extension for a static or animated cursor image file format in Microsoft Windows. CUR files can be seen alongside the newer ANI formatted files, even in Windows 7.

Learn more about CUR files:

Search for answers to CUR-related questions at IT Knowledge Exchange.

Patrick Meader wrote this introduction to Windows 7 for developers.


This was last updated in August 2010
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