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Application Development

Definitions about software applications and development including operating system vocabulary, programming terminology, words about Internet applications and app/dev definitions.

Agile, Scrum, XP

Terms related to agile software development, including definitions about Scrum and words and phrases about user stories, extreme programming (XP), Crystal, feature-driven development and Adaptive.

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Terms related to Apple Computer, including definitions about MacBooks and words and phrases about i-everything.

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  • Apple AirDrop - Apple AirDrop is a feature on iOS and OS X devices that allows users to transfer data over the sa...
  • iOS 8 - IOS 8 is the eighth version of Apple’s mobile operating system.
  • iOS Developer Program - The iOS Developer Program is a fee-based subscription that allows program members to publish appr...
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Internet applications

This glossary contains terms related to Internet applications, including definitions about Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery models and words and phrases about web sites, e-commerce and cloud computing.

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Terms related to Linux, including definitions about open source and words and phrases about Linux distributions and software development.

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  • runlevel - A runlevel is a Linux operating state that determines which programs can execute when the operati...
  • KSM (kernel samepage merging) - KSM (kernel samepage merging) is a Linux kernel feature that allows the KVM hypervisor to share i...
  • Shellshock - Shellshock is the common name for a coding vulnerability found in the Bash shell user interface t...
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Terms related to Windows, including definitions about bugs or patches and words and phrases about Microsoft operating systems.

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Open source

Terms related to open source, including definitions about Linux and words and phrases about Apache and other open source software development projects.

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  • Tizen - Tizen is an open source mobile operating system built on the Linux kernel and offered in versions...
  • algorithmic transparency - Algorithmic transparency is openness about the purposes, structure and underlying actions of the ...
  • Apache Incubator - Apache Incubator is the starting point for projects and software seeking to become part of the Ap...
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Operating systems

Terms related to operating systems, including definitions about open source and proprietary operating systems and words and phrases about system programs, boot mechanisms, kernels, command interpreters, DLL libraries and drivers.

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Terms related to software programming, including definitions about programming languages and words and phrases about software design, coding, testing and debugging.

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Software applications

Terms related to software applications, including definitions about software programs for vertical industries and words and phrases about software development, use and management.

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Software development

Terms related to software development, including definitions about programming and words and phrases about Scrum, Agile and waterfall methodologies.

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Web services, SOA

Terms related to web services, including definitions about service-oriented architecture (SOA) and words and phrases about web applications that use XML and HTTP.

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