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IT Management

Definitions about information technology management including compliance vocabulary, business terminology, words about security, storage, network and software management and search engine optimization (SEO).

Business software

Terms related to business software, including definitions about billing and words and phrases about supply chain, CRM, POS, ERP, accounting, payroll and inventory.

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  • ADP Mobile Solutions - ADP Mobile Solutions allows employees to use their mobile devices to access records such as their...
  • Hadoop - Hadoop is a free, Java-based programming framework that supports the processing of large data set...
  • Cloudability - Cloudability is a vendor that provides financial management tools for monitoring and analyzing th...
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Business terms

Terms related to business, including definitions about project management and words and phrases about human resources, finance and vertical industries.

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  • T-shaped employee - A T-shaped employee, in the context of human resources, is an individual that has a depth of know...
  • risk management - Risk management is a company's process for identifying and controlling threats to its assets, inc...
  • rebranding - Rebranding is an update of the materials and presentation used to represent a business. A company...
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Terms related to compliance, including regulatory definitions and words and phrases about governance and mitigating IT risk.

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Customer relationship management

Terms related to customer relationship management (CRM), including definitions about call centers and contact centers.

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Government IT

Terms related to government IT, including definitions about specific federal, state and local government programs as well as words and phrases about policy and compliance.

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Healthcare IT

Terms related to healthcare IT, including definitions about healthcare information and management systems and words and phrases about electronic health records, meaningful use, government regulations and medical technology.

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IT Procurement

Terms related to the activities and procedures necessary to acquire information technology (IT) products and services.

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Network administration

Terms related to managing computer networks, including definitions about LANS or WANS and words and phrases about network design, troubleshooting, security and backups.

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Project management

Terms related to project management, including definitions about project management methodologies and tools.

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

Terms related to search engine optimization, including definitions about SEO and words and phrases about bots, spiders, organic traffic and all areas of search engine marketing (SEM).

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Security management

Terms related to security management, including definitions about intrusion detection systems (IDS) and words and phrases about asset management, security policies, security monitoring, authorization and authentication.

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Software management

Terms related to software management, including definitions about licensing and words and phrases about software lifecycle management and software asset management.

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Storage management

Terms related to data storage management, including definitions about enterprise storage and words and phrases about storage infrastructure, storage capacity and hierarchical storage management (HSM).

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