Definitions about security including malware vocabulary, security threats and countermeasures terminology, words about viruses and Trojans, access control, authorization and authentication.

Application security

Terms related to application security, including procedural definitions for preventing software vulnerabilities and words and phrases about secure code development.

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  • shadow app - Shadow apps are software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications that are used on business networks but ...
  • TailsOS - TailsOS is a LiveDistro-based operating system that is configured to run from removable storage a...
  • soft token - A soft token is a software-based security token that generates a single-use login PIN. Tradition...
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Terms related to authentication, including security definitions about passwords and words and phrases about proving identity.

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Terms related to malware, including definitions about viruses and Trojans and other words and phrases about malicious software.

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Network security

Terms related to network security, including definitions about intrusion prevention and words and phrases about VPNs and firewalls.

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  • GPS tracking - GPS tracking is the surveillance of location through use of the Global Positioning System (GPS ) ...
  • due diligence - Due diligence is the process of systematically researching and verifying the accuracy of a statem...
  • passive scanning - Passive scanning is a method of vulnerability detection that relies on information gleaned from n...
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Security threats and countermeasures

Terms related to security threats, including definitions about anti-virus programs or firewalls and words and phrases about malware, viruses, Trojans and other security attacks.

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Terms related to spyware, including definitions about malware and words and phrases about online advertising, adware and online privacy.

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