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Weird and wonderful geekspeak: Do you speak Geek?

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Weird and wonderful geekspeak: Do you speak Geek?

The tech world is a constant source of strange new words, and new applications for older ones. How many of these unusual terms can you guess without peeking?

1. A new word for a new scourge of the Internet: it's a term for spam delivered via instant messaging.
What is it?

2. This term refers to software that has been adapted so that it doesn't function fully until users registers their copies.
What is it?

3. This acronym, which identifies the precise source of a technical problem, is especially useful in a help desk environment.
What is it?

4. This colorful term describes theft of data using a short-range wireless technology.
What is it?

5. Pronouncing this tech term makes it sound like you're announcing to the world that you need a bath. It's an IP-based standard for linking storage facilities.
What is it?

6. This a type of security exploit carried out by blue, three-apple high, cartoon characters -- okay, not really, but it is named for them.
What is it?

7. It's for the birds! This term refers to an MP3 file that is overwritten with unwanted sounds -- such as jeering at the user -- to deter unauthorized downloads.
What is it?

8. Doing this to yourself is called egosurfing: it means entering someone's name into a popular search engine to see what information is online about them.
What is it?

9. This term originated with the military to describe an irredeemable situation, and is equally applicable in an IT context.
What is it?

10. This reptillian extract is used to describe the exaggerated claims of some software vendors.
What is it?


How many could you guess correctly without peeking? Let us know!

This was last updated in May 2008
Posted by: Margaret Rouse

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