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We've gathered a collection of our learning guides and tutorials about backup and recovery. You'll find in depth information about backup and recovery for specific operating systems and platforms and best practices as well as basic information to get you started. Then, read on for more resources.

Need some basic information before you get started? See our definitions for backup, recovery, disaster recovery planning and storage.

  • Cloud Backup -- In this tutorial, you'll learn how cloud storage is changing data protection and disaster recovery, and the pros and cons of cloud backup.

  • Cloud Disaster Recovery -- In this tutorial, learn about cloud disaster recovery vs. cloud backup; hybrid disaster recovery approaches; and security concerns with cloud backup and disaster recovery.

  • Cloud Security, Encryption and Data Destruction -- There are currently four major areas where data security intersects with the data backup world: tape encryption, cloud backup security, key management and data deletion/destruction. Learn all about these areas of data backup security in this tutorial.

  • Continuous Data Protection -- In this tutorial on using continuous data protection in your backup and recovery plan, learn about near vs. real-time CDP and what to look for in a CDP tool.

  • Data Backup and Recovery Best Practices -- Whether you're using EMC NetWorker, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, Linux, Symantec NetBackup or Backup Exec, or even open-source software to back up your data, there are times when you're going to run into performance issues. We've compiled our best tips on troubleshooting data backup software in this tutorial.

  • Data Center Disaster Recovery -- In this guide, learn about the role of virtualization in disaster recovery, testing your capability and how to keep the power on in a regional disaster.

  • Data Deduplication -- In this tutorial, we look at post-processing versus inline deduplication, disk-based backup and dedupe, and compare the popular deduplication products.

  • Data Storage Backup Security -- We have collected our most popular resources on tape encryption and data backup security in one place.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Operations -- In our tutorial on disaster recovery operations, learn about how to choose a disaster recovery facility, failover and failback in disaster recovery operations, virtual servers and DR, and outsourcing disaster recovery services.

  • Disk Backup and Recovery -- This disk-based backup and recovery tutorial takes a look at disk-based backup's evolution over the past few years and offers a roundup of recent disk backup news and expert advice.

  • Exchange Server Backup and Recovery -- This All-in-One Guide is a collection of resources to help you protect data in Windows servers, desktops and mission-critical applications. The guide is organized into four chapters on Windows operating systems, Active Directory, Exchange Server and SQL Server.

  • Oracle Database Storage Management -- This learning guide will help you become an expert in backup and recovery, arguably the Oracle DBA's most important responsibility. We cover everything from the basics of forming a storage management strategy to step-by-step instructions for using RMAN and other methods for hot and cold backups. Script samples and troubleshooting advice will help anyone maintain a database that can survive a disaster.

  • Remote Data Backup and Recovery -- In this tutorial on data backup and recovery for remote sites, learn about options for remote backup including using in-house software, outsourcing to the cloud, WAN optimization, data replication and disaster recovery, and data deduplication and continuous data protection (CDP).

  • Secure Backup for the Enterprise -- In this tutorial on secure data backup strategies, learn about encryption key management, encryption appliances, tape and disk encryption, cloud backup security, and secure data destruction options.

  • Tape Backup and Recovery -- Despite all the hype around disk-based backup and data deduplication, tape remains the predominant way that users ultimately store their backups. Learn about recent changes in tape technology and how to best use tape in a modern backup environment in this tutorial.

  • Tape Backup for Remote Offices -- In this tutorial, learn about tape's place in remote backup and recovery today. You'll learn how to choose a tape library, how to care for backup tapes, how to optimize your tape strategy, and more.

  • Virtual Tape Libraries -- In this tutorial on virtual tape library technology, learn about buying and managing a VTL, VTLs and data deduplication, and virtual tape library vendors and products.

  • VMWare and Virtual Data Backup and Recovery -- Learn about new VMware data backup and recovery tools, whether or not VMware Consolidated Backup is right for your organization, how to use VMware Data Recovery Manager and more.

  • VMWare Backup Tutorial -- Learn earn all about VMware backup with this collection of articles on VMware backup and restore, VMware Consolidated Backup, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and more.

  • Windows Backup and Recovery -- This All-in-One Guide is a collection of resources to help you protect data in Windows servers, desktops and mission-critical applications. The guide is organized into four chapters on Windows operating systems, Active Directory, Exchange Server and SQL Server.

We've got lots more for you! Check out the full collection of Learning Guides and Tutorials to learn essential information on a wide range of subjects. You'll find guides and tutorials about storage and storage management as well as a wide range of other topics, including databases, networking, programming and much more.

Want more information about terminology? See all our definitions of Backup and Recovery terms. Then, if you'd like to test your knowledge, see our Backup and Recovery Quizzes.

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