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Fast Guide: Friday Geeking

Do you need something to stoke your geek fires by the time you get to Friday afternoon? T.G.I.F. just not cutting it? Look no further! This guide to Friday Geeking is just the thing. Start off with our Fast Guide to IT Humor, of course, if you haven't been there recently. You can't miss with The Onion, where they're always peeling back the layers of fake news humor. You're crying already, right?

Surfing blogs is an easy next step. Of course, we always recommend a visit to's blog, Our Latest Discovery!

After that, consult Our Favorite Technology Blogs to find the best of the bunch. Slalom through Slashdot's forums, dawdle over gadgetporn at Engadget, Crave and Gizmodo and then go marvel at the directory of wonderful things at BoingBoing.

Are you in touch? Go update your status and catch upon that cascade of "tweets" from your friends on Twitter. Then click over to TwitterVision to see a global maps maship that shows the action in the "twittersphere."

Of course, there's always YouTube or Joost, too -- but we know you aren't watching IPTV at work, right?

Now that we've gone through the basics, here's the full list of quite a few other wonderful places for your Friday Geeking. If you have more suggestions, please let us know and we'll add them!

Before "fauxvertising" existed as a term, there was AdBusters, award-winning makers of fake ads. You'll laugh, you'll cry and then you'll feel oddly motivated not to buy something.

Ad Graveyard  
Of course, you could also go to the Ad Graveyard to see genuine ads that never made the airwaves, in many cases for good (if comic) reason.
If you understand the title and the concept, it's safe to say you're the target audience. Visit this site to find geektastic ASCII renditions of your favorite female movie starts, celebs, and other beautiful women.

Bugs by the Pound?
Planning an epic office prank? Have geeky pets that need vast amounts of insects for food? Closet entomology geek? Whatever the reason, get your bugs here -- and no, not that kind of bug.

Computer Stupidities  
A huge and hilarious database of tales of the technology impaired from the trenches of desktop support.

Digital Blasphemy
Incredible images for your wallpaper. Spruce up that desktop!

Dave Letterman's Top Ten Lists
What is it about top 10 lists that geeks love? Ranking? The chance to endlessly wrangle about whether a favorite gadget, geeky movie, tech TV show, video, song or Web site belongs one rung higher? (See the IMDB top #250 for more there. Visit Dave's archive of top 10's, perhaps the grandaddy of the form, to find lists that are searchable by date year, or keywords! (Try Bill Gates or Microsoft to get the ball rolling.)

Encyclopedia Mythica
Yep, we'll admit it: we read other encyclopedias. Lots of them, actually. This one's specializes in mythology, folklore, and religion, including everything from A-gskw to Zveda Vechanyaya, with plenty in between. Geek out much?

Daydream about being the Alpha Geek in your server room with your Ion Phaser or sweet light saber. Quell end user rebellions with your very own sonic devastator!

Geek Dating Flowchart
Admit it: It's Friday, you're a geek, and you're wondering about whether your evening will be spent debugging code or gaming with tasty Ramen and Jolt as the cuisine de jour. Wait! Did you score a date that's NOT in a virtual world? Break your WoW habit, ditch the gleet-speak and review this hilarious flowchart.

Hamster Dance
Yet another from the epic, all-time best (or worst?) time-wasters. The background music on the page is one of the most painfully difficult tunes to remove from your brain's cache -- beware volume set to high, office peons! There's something so mesmerizing about watching those furry little rodents shake their groove things...

Hidden America
Are you a geek-well-travelled? Do you just like to dream about leaving the techie cave? Eitter way, this guide will give you the inside scoop on out the way destinations and cool events all across the United States.
The ultimate guide to goofing off at work. If your Friday geekitude is directing your towards complete cyber-slackitude, click on over.

Junk Science
"All the Junk that's Fit to Debunk!" Find out who's lying to you this week!
You might spend a couple of downcycles here, too, at this site about technology and culture, both separately and in their interactions, if you like to think.

Next, make a pilgrimage to the Kermitage, a Muppet Show fan site. Mmm, bork, bork, mmm, bork, bork to you Swedish Chef-lovers out there.
A online homage to the classiest hairstyle ever.

Own a Piece of Microsoft
Have you bought into the "Evil Empire?" Yankee-haters and Star Wars fans aside, Microsoft's stock has minted thousands of millionaires. Google's share price may be a bit more inflated these days but you can still get the geek who has everything a framed plaque of some equity in Windows.

Calling these funny dinosaur cartoons may not quite capture the wit, sarcasm and humor you'll find here.

Red Meat
Another hilarious, if rather bent, Web comic strip.

Shut down the Internet
Losing too much time? Had it with spam? Hit that big red button!
Perhaps the Net's largest collection of debunked rumors, scams and urban legends. If you're wondering about the origin or legitimacy of the most recent chain letter or advert that landed in your inbox? Look no further.

Spamradio serves up "delicious helpings of spam each hour of every day to all who are hungry." Using a complex arrangement of pipes and funnels they turn the junk mail that we all receive into a streaming audio broadcast that can be enjoyed from anywhere on the Internet. Tasty!

Squirrel Fishing 
What do you get when you mix a few bored Harvard students, some peanut butter, and a fishing pole? Why, an innovative approach to rodent performance evaluation, of course!

Solar System Collisions
Send a virtual comet or asteroid hurtling towards your favorite planet! Choose from rock, iron, or ice boulders ranging in size from microns to kilometers, specify the projectile velocity, and watch the dust fly!
An online forum for tech support workers (read: GEEKS) to vent, distribute their war stories, or read other tales of woe submitted by fellow helpdesk workers.

The IT Guy
Watch the IT guy's trials and tribulations in this geeky comic, sprung from the mind of Amy Kucharik. If you're keeping track, she's the same writer who pondered the question, "Do admins dream of electric sleep?" in our Fast Guide to IT Humor.

The Black Vault 
Declassified government documents with a light dash of conspiracy theories. They're not watching or listening to you, they swear. There's No Such Agency, as we all know. TIA, geek, TIA.

The Wax
This site is a treasure trove of humor, links, commentary and featured. Chuckletastic.
999 out of 1000 doctors agree: Being a virtual cornucopia of useless knowledge is the key to being branded as an uber-geek. Vist this site for trivia, quotes, quizzes, history, useless facts and more.

This was last updated in May 2008

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