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Special Report: Cloud Computing - April 2009

Special Report 
Cloud Computing (April 2009)

Distributed Management Task Force tackles cloud standards
VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and others have joined forces to develop cloud computing standards to submit to the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF).

Virtualization and the private cloud: A quiz for enterprise CIOs
How much do you know about virtualization and the private cloud and how can these new technologies help your organization? Take this quiz and find out.

Cloud computing security group releases report outlining trouble areas
The non-profit Cloud Security Alliance says its comprehensive report serves as the starting point for a broader discussion on cloud computing security issues.

Data visualization, BI go hand in hand; cloud security not a threat
Headlines: Do you know where your data visualization comes from?

Cryptographers say cloud computing can be secured
While securing data in the cloud will remain an issue in the near term, researchers will develop ways to better protect data in the cloud, say a panel of cryptographers at the 2009 RSA Conference.

Cloud computing initiatives show wide range as VMware touts cloud OS
VMware's new cloud operating system, vSphere, brings new capabilities, though some big cloud projects will use Microsoft's virtualization technology.

Ubuntu 9.04 releases improve user experience and enable cloud computing
Canonical announced the release of Ubuntu 9.04 server edition and desktop edition with a focus on improved user experience. The server edition includes increased cloud capabilities and improvements in some key applications for mail and other common infrastructure requirements. The desktop edition had a big push for speed at start-up.

Vembu launches backup through Amazon cloud
Vembu makes its software for backup service providers available as a "virtual appliance" that runs on Amazon clouds, saving MSPs from having to host their own.

Analysts debate merits of cloud computing for large data centers
A new McKinsey report finds cloud computing is not an economical option for large data centers, although smaller ones stand to benefit.

Tips for integrating server virtualization in a private cloud
Integrating server virtualization technology in a private cloud can offer benefits including flexibility, cost savings and consolidation -- if implemented and managed correctly.

Google to defend the cloud at RSA Conference
Eran Feigenbaum, director of security for Google Apps is participating in a panel at the 2009 RSA Conference, "Cloud computing -- secure enough for prime time today?"

Testing software with Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services can be a valuable resource for organizations seeking greater efficiency and reduced hardware costs, but it can impose changes to the development and test process.

Planning for cloud computing services: Is quality 'up in the air'?
Learn some issues to consider and five steps you should follow before jumping into cloud computing services.


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nicholas_carr.jpg "In the long run, the IT department is unlikely to survive, at least in its familiar form. It will have little left to do once the bulk of business computing shifts out of private data centers and into the cloud."
Nicholas Carr
cloud_dollars-sm1.jpg "Although each vendor that enters the space seems to have a different approach to cloud services, all of them face a common challenge: coming up with an achievable service guarantee to reassure hesitant customers."
Erika Morphy
benjamin_ellis.jpg "It is clear that without standards of one kind or another (de-facto or from a recognised body), there won't be a market -- and without a market, the cloud is unlikely to thrive."
Benjamin Ellis
nathan_mcfeters.jpg "Here's the thing with cloud computing -- it has awesome potential for good, but it's really going to complicate some of our current thoughts on security as your company's data gets thrown into a giant data gumbo with everyone else's data."
Nathan McFeters
richard_stallman.jpg "If you use a proprietary program or somebody else's web server, you're defenseless. You're putty in the hands of whoever developed that software."
Richard Stallman
"The interesting thing about cloud computing is that we've redefined cloud computing to include everything that we already do."
Larry Ellison

Cloud computing group to face challenges ahead
The Cloud Security Alliance will need to sharpen its focus if it expects to contribute useful information and foster a discussion around security in the cloud.

Cloud security group planned; RIM launches apps store
Headlines: Cloud Security Alliance forms; RIM launches BlackBerry apps store; other IT channel news.

Cloud computing group to tackle security concerns
A new organization will address the security concerns inherent with cloud computing.

Virtualization and the private cloud: A guide for enterprise CIOs
This guide looks at the trends, best practices and critical criteria for building a true strategy around virtualization and the private cloud.

Application development in the cloud: Try it, but watch the SLAs
Cloud computing vendors' SLAs aren't up to mission-critical standards yet, but there are ways for developers to up productivity and lower costs with what the cloud has to offer.

No long-term vision for cloud computing interoperability
More than a decade into the browser wars that have left developers struggling with two major browsers that work in different ways, cloud services vendors don’t seem to have learned the lesson.

Microsoft, SugarCRM make CRM pricing cheaper, simpler, cloudier
SugarCRM released a low-cost CRM option, reduced fees for existing products, and is offering on-premise and on-demand CRM together for one price. Microsoft released new financing.

Cloud-based unified communications could reduce costs and hassle
As hosted unified communications offerings develop, businesses large and small can benefit.


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