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iSeries Learning Guides

We've gathered a collection of our learning guides and tutorials on iSeries-related topics. You'll find learning guides about administration, autonomic computing, security, printing, error messages and more. Then see, below, our iSeries quizzes and cheat sheets and our larger collection of learning resources.

Need more basic information before you get started? See our definitions for iSeries, AS/400 and server.


iSeries Learning Guides:

  • Autonomic Computing on iSeries -- This guide explains autonomic computing and its application for the iSeries.

  • i5/iSeries Career Resources -- Looking for an iSeries position? We've gathered resources about hiring practices, interview techniques, salaries to help you prepare.

  • i5 Error Messages -- See our browsable fast reference to iSeries error messages for a possible solution to your error.

  • i5 and i5/OS Resources -- Need help understanding just what the i5 servers and i5/OS are all about? Here are a few IBM publications and Web sites to help you out.

  • i5/OS -- OS/400 -- The operating system is the heart of the iSeries. See our collection of articles, tips and other resources, upgrade paths, installation, PTFs and more.

  • Improving iSeries Performance -- These tips and resources will help you improve performance problems and monitor your systems to prevent issues in the future.

  • iSeries Book Excerpts -- Whether you're an iSeries newbie or a mid-career professional that is mid-career, these excerpts from the top iSeries books will help further your development.

  • Educational Resources for iSeries -- This organized list is a great source of free educational resources online to help you improve or maintain your iSeries skill set.

  • More Educational Resources for iSeries -- Part two includes free educational resources on systems management, DB2, networking, PC/Windows connectivity, iSeries career info and general iSeries resources.

  • iSeries for Newbies -- This guide will provide you with some basic iSeries information and helpful resources.

  • Fast guide to logical partitioning -- This guide explains what logical partitioning (LPAR) is and how it's used in the iSeries world.

  • PC/Windows Connectivity Resources -- This guide by expert Shahar Mor covers PC/Windows connectivity-related learning resources for iSeries.

  • Printing Tips and Tricks -- Follow these tips and tricks to eliminate iSeries printing headaches.

  • Remote Journaling on the iSeries -- This guide for remote journal functions includes redbooks, publications and some example code.

  • RPG IV Resources -- This guide includes redbooks, training and FAQs for everyone from novice users to seasoned pros.

  • Securing the iSeries -- Address the basic security issues and take these steps to prevent having your system compromised.

  • More Security for the iSeries -- This organized list will help you maintain a secure iSeries system.

  • Stored Procedures -- This guide to IBM Redbooks focuses on stored procedures for the iSeries.

  • System i Security -- This resource covers administration, programming strategies, security software and more to keep your business' data safe.

  • WebSphere for System i -- This tutorial will introduce you to IBM's i5/OS-specific web development tool.

Want more iSeries info? See our iSeries Cheat Sheets or the iSeries resources on Then, if you'd like to test your knowledge, see our iSeries quiz collection.

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