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Learning Guides

  • A beginner's guide to virtualisation

    Find out technical tips and news on virtualisation. Everything you need to know from virtual storage, networking and security to data management.

  • Blade servers: How to decide on Unix or Linux

  • How to comply with the EU cookie law

    Effective from 26 May 2012 the EU cookie law requires websites to gain permission from users, before planting cookies. Find out how to comply and what fines you may face if you don’t.

  • The Budget 2012: Are you better or worse off?

    As the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne reveals the contents of his red box this year, find out all the news from the Budget 2012.

  • Supplier Profile: Fujitsu

    A special report which analyses the challenges facing Fujitsu, financial performance, services offered, its place in the market and future strategy.

  • A UK guide to government and public sector IT

    A guide to support IT professionals in making well informed decisions about technologies used within public sector organisations.

  • A quick guide to IT security

    Everything you need to know on cyber-attacks, data protection, malware and computer viruses

  • Virtualisation

    While virtualisation may be considered the best way forward for data centre infrastructure, there are plenty of barriers to successful adoption.

  • A guide to buying storage hardware and software

    A guide to purchasing storage hardware and software: hard disks, tape drives, disk storage, and virtual storage.

  • Best data storage products 2011

    The Storage magazine/SearchStorage.com 2011 Products of the Year awards recogonize the best storage products in six categories.

  • A guide to embracing IT consumerisation

    How can IT departments cost effectively support smartphones, tablets and people who wish to bring in their own devices to work?

  • Reflections on 2011 and predictions for 2012

    With 2011 now behind us we have taken a look back at technology trends throughout last year, in addition to looking ahead to what 2012 may hold. In this guide you will find 2011 roundups on virtual...

  • MPLS VPN fundamentals

    In this comprehensive guide, learn all of the MPLS VPN fundamentals, including the various types of MPLS VPNs, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as configuration and deployment tips.

  • Data analysis and business intelligence tutorial

    Everything you need to know about business intelligence and data management, in the UK. This guide includes information on business data usage, data quality and business analytics.

  • The network administrators’ guide

    In our network administrator tutorial, learn about network security and network management.

  • Green computing energy efficiency guide

    A guide to choosing green computing for your IT department. Learn how and why you should consider improving energy efficiency techniques within your business.

  • IT services and managed services

    A complete guide to IT services in the UK covering outsourcing, managed service providers and cloud services.

  • A guide to simplifying data centre management

    A complete guide to data centre management in the UK, covering management strategies, data recovery and virtualisation management.

  • Fast Guide to Microsoft's RemoteFX

    This guide covers how Microsoft RemoteFX works, limitations only found in the fine print, and how it compares to remote desktop protocols from VMware, Citrix and Quest Software.

  • SQL Server tutorials

    SearchSQLServer.com's tutorials provide the in-depth information SQL Server database administrators and developers are seeking on Microsoft's flagship database enterprise server, SQL Server and its...

  • Learn IT: Systems management

    Systems management is the supervision of the information technology systems in an enterprise.

  • Multimedia and Graphics Learning Guides

    We've gathered a our learning resources about multimedia and graphics. You'll find information about DTV, DVD and more. Then see below, our larger collection of resources. Need more basic informati...

  • Messaging and Email Learning Guides

    We've gathered a collection of our learning guides and tutorials on messaging and email-related topics. You'll find administration tips, and information about application integration, backup and re...

  • Storage Learning Guides

    We've gathered a collection of our learning guides and tutorials on storage-related topics. You'll find resources about storage technologies, storage management, storage area networks (SANS), netwo...

  • Virtualization Learning Guides

    We've gathered a collection of our learning guides and tutorials on virtualization-related topics. You'll find learning guides about virtualization deployment and management, security, performance,...