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Learning Guides

  • Fast Guide: Avoiding data integrity gotchas

    You may perform a number of tasks for data integrity's sake, assuring that data can only be accessed or modified by those authorized to do so. Yet improperly performing such tasks can harm your dat...

  • Networking Media Group Learning Tools

    Here's a fast reference to our resources on networking and information technology training. You can find information on wireless technologies, networking certifications, routers, VoIP and more. If ...

  • Fast Guide: Tiered storage

    There's a lot to know about tiered storage -- from key management practices to designing a system that best fits your business' needs. Whether you're new to the concept, looking for ways to impleme...

  • Fast Guide: Stored procedures

    Stored procedures can be executed quickly inside your database server, saving you the time it would take to do the same work on a client. In the second part of our stored procedure series of fast g...

  • Fast Guide: Undocumented stored procedures

    Stored procedures can help you control access, preserve data integrity and improve productivity, yet you may not be tapping into all the routines that ship with SQL Server. Here we highlight some p...

  • Fast Guide: Disaster recovery

    The first steps in DR planning are always the hardest to take, but it doesn't have to be that way. From DR planning and design to strategies and cost, our Fast Guide: Disaster recovery will help yo...

  • RAID fast guide

    You need info about RAID. It's that simple. In the world of storage, RAID (redundant array of independent disks) is a major topic. Whether you are a RAID rookie or you're trying to optimize perform...

  • Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) fundamentals tutorial

    New to database administration or development? Here's a quick guide that can get you started by providing background on the relational model and practical advice for working with a relational datab...

  • Fast Guide: Storage basics

    Storage covers a lot of territory and it can be overwhelming for the beginner. In our Fast Guide: Storage basics, we break it down into categories -- and keep it simple. We start out with basic sto...

  • SQL guide for Oracle users

    Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned expert looking to tweak query performance, this learning guide to the structured query language (SQL) has something for you. These seven chapters can help you...

  • Guide to Oracle freeware and shareware

    This list of free and low-cost tools and utilities will help Oracle DBAs and developers do your job better.

  • Bits & Bytes column library archive

    Bits & Bytes column library archive -- 2003 to 2004

  • Learning Guide: SAN management

    Managing your SANs has always been challenging. So, to help you along with the process we've assembled arguably the most comprehensive listing of the SAN management tools and resources on the Web -...

  • Fast Guide: iSCSI

    If you need to come up to speed rapidly on iSCSI, you've come to the right place. In this Fast Guide, we touch upon the basics and then we walk you through the pros and cons of iSCSI and Fibre Chan...

  • Fast Guide: XP SP2 security

    This fast guide organizes news and expert advice that will help address your XP SP2 security issues and concerns. You'll learn about the new security enhancements in XP SP2, how to prepare for your...

  • Fast guide to RPG IV resources and Redbooks

    Need information fast on RPG IV? Take a look at these resources. We've found Redbooks, training and FAQs for everyone from novice users to experienced pros.

  • Jon Toigo outlines today's data management issues

    In this video tip series, Jon Toigo outlines the seven most important data management issues that make up what he calls the 'storage infrastruggle.'

  • FCoE tutorial: Answers to your tech questions

    Marc Staimer tackles challenges related to FCoE adoption and implementation, including how to connect FCoE switches and support for FCoE protocols.

  • Supplier profile: SAP

    In this SAP supplier profile you will find news, tips and research on the vendor.

  • EMC World 2012 conference coverage

    Keep up with all the news from EMC World 2012 in Las Vegas.

  • Supplier profile: Dell

    In this Dell supplier profile you will find news, tips and research on the vendor.

  • Enterprise mobile apps and business software guide for CIOs

    Are enterprise mobile apps taking your business software to the next level? Establish a strategy for enterprise mobile apps with this guide.

  • Supplier profile: Symantec

    In this Symantec guide you will find a special nine-page report from Computer Weekly analysing the challenges facing Symantec.

  • EMC World 2012: Big data, cloud services and VMAX shape the agenda

    The SearchStorage.com news team provided news and analysis from the 2012 show. Read about EMC's roadmap here.

  • 'Big data' tutorial: Everything you need to know

    In this tutorial, learn the basics of "big data," and get answers to the toughest questions surrounding the term and its accompanying technology.