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  • Quiz: Winter Blues

    Test yourself. A WhatIs.com tech vocabulary quiz that's just for fun teminology.

  • Quizzes

    Test yourself. A WhatIs.com tech vocabulary quiz about backup teminology.

  • Quiz: E-mail Marketing and the Spam Problem

    A quiz about email marketing and spam: What is a technique used by legitimate marketers to customize offerings for specific customers.

  • Modes of Attack

    Test yourself. A WhatIs.com tech vocabulary quiz about online security attacks and current attack methods. Test yourself.

  • Cloud Computing (quiz)

    Test yourself. Test yourself. A WhatIs.com tech vocabulary quiz to test knowledge of cloud computing technology, concepts and terms.

  • Streaming media quiz

    A quiz about technologies and terms related to streaming media. How does streaming media work?

  • Quiz: Security Basics

    Test yourself. A WhatIs.com tech vocabulary quiz about security basics teminology.

  • Mobile device security quiz answers

    Test yourself. A WhatIs.com tech vocabulary quiz - Mobile device security and compliance regulations can be as hard to pin down as a strong connection for your smartphone. Test your knowledge of ri...

  • Mobile Telephony: Do you speak Geek on the phone?

    Vocabulary - Test your knowledge of mobile telephony by taking the following quiz.

  • The Vault of Tech Terror (quizzes)

    Tech quizzes with a Halloween theme. Halloween-related questions for technology terminology.

  • Quiz: TCP/IP

    Test yourself. A WhatIs.com tech vocabulary quiz about TCP/IP teminology.

  • Ajax quiz: Do you speak Geek?

    A quiz about AJAX. What combination of technologies gives Ajax its name? Test yourself.

  • Software Piracy Quiz

    How much do you know about the finer points of software piracy? Take our quiz to find out.

  • What do you know about the iPhone 3G?

    A quiz about the iPhone 3G: What technology does the 3G service use?

  • Quiz: Top 10 consumer threats

    Test yourself. A WhatIs.com tech vocabulary quiz about consumer threats teminology.

  • Quiz: Linux Basics

    A quiz about Linux terms: What company hopes to attract Windows expatriots by promoting an easy way for the average desktop user to migrate to Linux?

  • Quiz: Laptops

    A quiz about laptop computers: This technology is used in the liquid crystal displays of notebook and laptop computers to provide a more responsive image at a wider range of viewing angle.

  • Quiz: IT Potpourri

    IT trivia quiz: According to recent reports, Microsoft and Intel are conspiring on a device that will crush a popular handheld device with a fruity name. What is it?

  • Quiz: Intrusion prevention fundamentals

    A quiz about intrusion prevention: What describes any attack strategy where the attacker purposely makes it confusing and difficult for interested parties to figure out who initiated the attack.

  • Quiz: In the Spammer's Lair

    A quiz about spammer techniques: What is a program that automatically trolls the Internet for email addresses.

  • Quiz: HP

    A quiz about Hewlett-Packard technologies: What is a software suite from HP for managing applications, device availability, network conditions and status, system performance, service and program ma...

  • Quiz: Greening the cube farm

    A quiz about environmentally-friendly computing practices: What innovative technology powers laptops from the One Laptop Per Child foundation?

  • Quiz: Getting Your Message Across the Network

    A quiz about data transmission: Suppose you want to send an e-mail note to someone on the Internet. Which of these do you NOT need: a browser, an Internet service provider, the at sign or an address?

  • Quiz: For Latin Lovers

    A tech trivia quiz featuring Latin-derived terms: What does quid pro quo mean?

  • Quiz: Firewalls

    A quiz about firewalls: A server that acts as this kind of node often also acts as a proxy server and a firewall server.