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  • IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6)

    IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) is the latest level of the Internet Protocol...

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    • IPv6 address types

      Part one of a two part series describing IPv6 address formats and how they are used.

    • Why move from IP version 4 to version 6?

      The Internet has quickly exceeded expectations, and IPv4, which was released in 1980, is creaking. This article from IT-Directo...

    • IPv6 tutorial

      IPv6 promises a stronger, faster Internet experience and lots of potential headaches for network administrators. Compiled by th...

  • IPv6 address

    An IPv6 address is a 128-bit alphanumeric string that identifies an endpoint device in the Internet...

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  • Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 (HMIPv6)

    Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 (HMIPv6) is the proposed enhancement of Mobile Internet...

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    • What are recent security developments for MIPv6?

      Learn about MIPv6 security and if it's safe for public Internet deployment in this expert response from Silvia Hagen.

    • IPv6 Glossary

      Use this handy clickable, printable guide for definitions relating to IPv6.

    • LearnIT: IPv6

      Learn all you need to know about IPv6 with this quick, no click learning guide.

  • Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6 or Mobile Internet Protocol version 6)

    Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) is a protocol developed as a subset of Internet Protocol version...

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  • AAAA resource record

    An AAAA resource record is a record that stores a single IPv6 address.

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  • NAT64

    NAT64 is a proposed mechanism for translating IPv6 packets to IPv4 packets and vice-versa...

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  • 6to4

    6to4 is a tunneling mechanism used to transfer IPv6 (Internet Protocol version ...

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  • 32-bit IP addressing

    32-bit IP addressing is the IP address scheme used in Internet Protocol 4 (IPv6 uses...

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  • jumbogram

    Using the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), a jumbogram is a transmission packet...

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  • DirectAccess

    DirectAccess is a feature introduced in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 that uses automated IPv6...

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