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  • WAN accelerator

    A WAN accelerator is an appliance that improves the end user's experience on a wide area network (WAN).

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  • pressure sensing

    Pressure sensing allows a robot to tell when it collides with something, or when something pushes against it.

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    • Glossary: Robotics

      Robotics is a branch of engineering that involves the conception, design, manufacture, and operation of robots. In this glossar...

    • wireless sensor network (WSN)

      A sensor network is a group of specialized transducers with a communications infrastructure intended to monitor and record cond...

    • US army backs flying cyborg beetle project

      The US army is backing a project that allows a flying giant flower beetle to be remote controlled for surveillance purposes. Th...

  • gas

    A gas is a sample of matter that conforms to the shape of a container in which it is held and acquires a uniform density inside...

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  • zipping

    Zipping is the act of packaging a set of files into a single file or archive that is called a zip file.

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  • audio

    Audio is sound within the acoustic range available to humans.

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  • Digital Signage (dynamic signage)

    Digital signage, also called dynamic signage, is a specialized form of slivercasting in which video or multimedia content is di...

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  • Fast Infoset (FI)

    Fast Infoset (FI) is a standard that can serve as an alternative to XML (Extensible Markup Language) document formatting... (Co...

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  • hundred call second or centum call second (CCS)

    The hundred call second -- also known as the centum call second (CCS) -- is a unit of telecommunications traffic density that i...

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  • polymorphic malware

    Polymorphic malware is harmful, destructive or intrusive computer software such as a virus, worm, Trojan or spyware that consta...

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  • WAN optimization (WAN acceleration)

    WAN optimization, also known as WAN acceleration, is the category of technologies and techniques used to maximize the efficienc...

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