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  • CD-i (Compact Disc - interactive)

    CD-i (Compact Disc - interactive) is the multimedia CD format specified in 1986 (in the Green Book).

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    • CDI

      Phillips Compact Disk Interactive file

    • Storage Smarts Question #7

      Do you have what it takes to be a storage guru? Take our quiz and see how much you really know about storage.

    • Fast Guide to CD/DVD

      Quick look-up for getting up to speed about CDs and DVDs.

  • ripping (digital extraction)

    Ripping, more formally known as digital extraction, is the process of copying audio or video content from a compact disc, DVD o...

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    • RIP software

      Is there any alternative option of RIP (raster image processor) or any other software place of RIP?

    • Overheard - RealDVD and the power of the MPAA

      "It's perfectly legal to rip music from a CD and upload it onto an iPod for personal use; why can't a person do the same with t...

    • Learning Path: Computer Details

      This page provides alearning path that uses a sequence of definitions from about computers.

  • HD-DVD (high-density DVD)

    HD-DVD (high-density DVD) is an optical digital storage medium with a capacity that far exceeds that of standard DVD media... (...

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    • Disney backs Blu-Ray

      Walt Disney and its Buena Vista Home Entertainment division have thrown their support behind the Blu-Ray high-definition DVD...

    • HD-DVD goes to brink of mass production

      The DVD Forum has approved the physical disc specifications for the rewritable version of high-definition/high-density DVDs,...

    • Sony to develop 200Gbyte Blu-ray storage

      Sony is set to announce next month that it developed an 8-layer version of the Blu-ray Disc that is capable of storing 200Gbyte...

  • Mammoth

    Mammoth is a magnetic tape and drive system used for computer data storage and archiving.

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  • AIT (advanced intelligent tape)

    AIT (advanced intelligent tape) is a magnetic tape and drive system used for computer data storage and archiving.

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  • codec

    In communications engineering, the term codec is used in reference to integrated circuits, or chips that perform data conversion.

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  • Fax Group

    Fax Group is an encoding format used for fax transmission.

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  • JBIG (Joint Bi-level Image Experts Group)

    JBIG (Joint Bi-level Image Experts Group) is a group of experts that is producing standards for bi-level image coding.

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  • MrSID (Multi-resolution Seamless Image Database)

    MrSID (Multi-resolution Seamless Image Database) is an image compressor, viewer, and file format for extremely large raster gra...

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  • data reduction

    Data reduction is the process of minimizing the amount of data that needs to be stored in a data storage environment. Data redu...

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