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  • Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB)

    Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) is a set of standards that define digital broadcasting using existing satellite, cable, and te...

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    • Fast Guide to DTV

      This compact page describes digital television and provides a guide to the various U.S. and European standards for transmitting...

    • Thinking inside the Box

      Digital TV has been slow to get off the ground, but it does offer some interesting e-commerce opportunities for companies wanti...

    • Ofcom begins first UK communications census

      The first census of the UK's communications infrastructure is about to begin.

  • Wireless Bitmap (WBMP)

    A Wireless Bitmap (WBMP) is a graphic image format for use when sending Web content to handheld wireless devices.

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    • What is BMP?

      Expert Austin Sincock explains this acronym.

    • What does the future hold for WAP?

      By adding basic web surfing capabilities to an otherwise conventional cellular phone, the Wireless Application Protocol brings...

    • TIFF

      Tag image bitmap file (TIFF)

  • LTO-5

    LTO-5 is an upcoming tape format from the Linear Tape Open Consortium.

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  • iDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network)

    iDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network) is a wireless technology from Motorola combining the capabilities of a digital cellu...

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  • file transfer

    File transfer is the movement of one or more files from one location to another.

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  • Secure Shell Charter (SSH Charter)

    The Secure Shell Charter (SSH Charter) is a set of papers produced by the Secure Shell Working Group (SSH Working Group), an or...

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  • speed of sound

    The speed of sound, or of acoustic traveling waves, is a physical constant for any given medium at a specific pressure and temp...

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  • Netzip

    Netzip is a plug-in for Web browsers that allows you to view the files within a zip file from within your browser without the n...

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  • screencast

    A screencast is a digital video recording that captures actions taking place on a computer desktop.

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  • Apple OS X Mavericks

    Apple OS X Mavericks is version 10.9 of the second-generation Macintosh computer operating system.

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