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  • spool (simultaneous peripheral operations online)

    To spool (which stands for "simultaneous peripheral operations online") a computer document or task list (or "job")...

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  • EMF (Enhanced MetaFile)

    EMF (Enhanced MetaFile) and raw are terms for spool file formats used in printing by the Windows operating system...

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    • EMF

      Enhanced Windows Metafile

    • Microsoft pushes out critical patches

      Microsoft has warned of critical security flaws in the way its Windows operating system handles certain graphics files.

    • AS/400 Printer

      I am trying to get a print of AS400 report. But i am getting the report in Landscape format. For getting it in the Portrait for...

  • geek speak

    Geek speak is how the uninitiated refer to the jargon and special vocabulary used by those immersed in computers and other fiel...

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    • Quiz: Do you eat Geek?

      A tech quiz with a food-oriented theme: If you're a geek eating Mexican, you might be confused about asking for a mole sauce. I...

    • Need deeper understanding of Oracle and RMAN

      Being a Unix/Linux guru with storage and backup experience, I need to gain some deeper knowledge about Oracle and RMAN. The boo...

    • Quiz: What kind of geek are you?

      Take this short quiz and find out which famous geek you resemble most.

  • Error messages for Windows XP Pro

    MS Windows XP Professional Error Messages

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  • Error messages for Windows 2000

    Code Error Message 0 The operation completed successfully.

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