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  • fax server

    A fax server (or faxserver) is a system installed in a local area network (LAN) server that allows computer users who are attac...

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  • format

    A format (noun, pronounced FOHR-mat ) is a preestablished layout for data.

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    • peripheral

      A peripheral (pronounced peh-RIHF-uh-ruhl, a noun truncation of peripheral device, ) is any computer device that is not part of...

    • alias

      In general, as a noun, an alias (pronounced AY-lee-uhs) is an alternate name for someone or something.

    • Quiz: Writing for business -- relative pronouns and verb agreement

      Which is correct? IAM is a combination of business processes, policies and technologies that ______ organizations to provide se...

  • MAPI (Messaging Application Program Interface)

    MAPI (Messaging Application Program Interface) is a Microsoft Windows program interface that enables you to send e-mail from wi...

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  • Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)

    In the Windows, OS/2, and (with third-party development kits) other operating systems, Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) allows infor...

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  • cloud file storage

    Cloud file storage is a storage service that is delivered over the Internet, billed on a pay-per-use basis and has an architect...

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  • enterprise architecture (EA)

    An enterprise architecture (EA) is a conceptual blueprint that defines the structure and operation of an organization.

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  • desktop search (integrated search)

    Desktop search (sometimes called integrated search) is the ability to simultaneously search hard drives and removable storage o...

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  • digital asset management

    Digital asset management (DAM) is a business process for organizing, storing and retrieving rich media and managing digital rig...

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  • courseware

    Courseware is educational material intended as kits for teachers or trainers or as tutorials for students, usually packaged for...

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  • financial analytics

    Financial analytics is the creation of ad hoc analysis to answer specific business questions and forecast possible future finan...

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