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IT service management (ITSM) is a general term that describes a strategic approach to design, deliver, manage and improve the way businesses use information technology (IT).See More

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  • Improve help desk service with change request templates

    Change management is an essential ITSM practice, but it doesn't have to come at the expense of end users. Use templates to clarify expectations and set changes in motion without disruption.

  • A CIO's ITSM strategy matures

    How do you go from 'lousy' systems and subpar services to an ITSM program that is driving a service approach across the enterprise? CIO Link Alander gives us the details.

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ITIL v3 is the third version of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, a globally recognized collection of best practices for managing information technology (IT).

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What is driving the evolution of ITSM processes?

At leading companies, ITSM processes are being redefined as 'cross-domain service management' and the ITSM team functions as enabler-in-chief of ...

3 stages of ITSM and 5 ways to enhance your ITSM strategy

From help desk to service desk to business-aligned ITSM -- how evolved is your ITSM strategy? Dennis Drogseth explains ITSM's three stages and offers...

4 ITSM best practices for managing service vendors

CIOs must align IT strategy to business KPIs, and so should their service vendors. In this ITSM best practices tip, experts explain how to tie vendor...

Chatbot technology brings 'self-help IT' to life at LogMeIn

In this SearchCIO Q&A, LogMeIn CIO Ian Pitt describes how chatbot technology and other cutting-edge tools help him run a lean IT department and ...



  • Whistleblower Protection Act

    The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 is a law that protects federal government employees in the United States from ...

  • smart contract

    A smart contract, also known as a cryptocontract, is a computer program that directly controls the transfer of digital currencies...

  • risk map (risk heat map)

    A risk map, also known as a risk heat map, is a data visualization tool for communicating specific risks an organization faces. A...


  • Payload (computing)

    The term payload, when used in the context of networking or telecommunications, is the data carried inside of a packet (or other ...

  • access control

    Access control is a security technique that regulates who or what can view or use resources in a computing environment.

  • ethical hacker

    An ethical hacker, also referred to as a white hat hacker, is an information security expert who systematically attempts to ...



  • virtual disaster recovery

    Virtual disaster recovery is a type of DR that typically involves replication and allows a user to fail over to virtualized ...

  • tabletop exercise (TTX)

    A tabletop exercise (TTX) is a disaster preparedness activity that takes participants through the process of dealing with a ...

  • risk mitigation

    Risk mitigation is a strategy to prepare for and lessen the effects of threats faced by a data center.


  • storage at the edge

    Storage at the edge is the collective methods and technologies that capture and retain digital information at the periphery of ...

  • Flash Storage

    Flash storage is any type of drive, repository or system that uses flash memory to keep data for an extended period of time.

  • optical disc

    An optical disc is an electronic data storage medium that can be written to and read from using a low-powered laser beam.