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GPS coordinates

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GPS coordinates are a unique identifier of a precise geographic location on the earth, usually expressed in alphanumeric characters.

Coordinates, in this context, are points of intersection in a grid system. GPS (global positioning system) coordinates are usually expressed as the combination of latitude and longitude. Latitude is a measure of degrees of distance from the equator, which is 0 degrees. The north and south poles are at 90 degrees in either direction. The prime meridian is 0 degrees longitude and the locations are measured according to 90 degrees east or west from that point.

GPS coordinates are expressed in two different formats. Below are the coordinates for the Empire State Building in New York City:

N40° 44.9064', W073° 59.0735'

That same information can be expressed in a purely numeric format:

40.748440, -73.984559

In the latter case, the minus sign before the second number indicates that the location is west of the prime meridian; a minus sign in front of the first number would indicate degrees south of the equator.

See a brief tutorial introduction to GPS:

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N28 35.757 E79 43.641
N28 35.772 E79 43.637
N28 35.774 E79 43.646
N28 35.780 E79 43.662
N28 35.785 E79 43.679
N28 35.769 E79 43.694
N28 35.796 E79 43.676
N28 35.802 E79 43.653
N28 35.787 E79 43.640
N28 35.796 E79 43.625
N28 35.802 E79 43.608
N28 35.812 E79 43.616
N28 35.811 E79 43.595
N28 35.817 E79 43.585
N28 35.824 E79 43.574
N28 35.812 E79 43.569
N28 35.803 E79 43.583
N28 35.795 E79 43.603

This is series of GPS cordinates
How to get distance between each coordinate respectively in Excel


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