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IT4IT Foundation certification

IT4IT Foundation is a certification for the IT4IT reference architecture. This certification acts as validation that an individual understands the core terms and concepts that support the IT4IT reference architecture.

The IT4IT Foundation certification, also referred to as the Level 1 certification, is useful for information technology professionals who need a basic understanding of how to standardize and automate IT value chains. This certification is also useful for those employees tasked with creating and managing an organization's IT controls.

The IT4IT Foundation Level 1 exam is composed of 40 multiple-choice questions. The exam takes 60 minutes, and a score of 65% is needed to pass. The exam can be taken at an Open Group Examination Provider location, an accredited partner location or online with approved proctoring. Some accredited courses may also include the examination as part of the course.

What the exam and certification covers

The Open Group's IT4IT specification is a reference architecture for improving and guiding IT management. After attending a training course or choosing to self-study, an individual can take the IT4IT Level 1 examination. Requirements for the Level 1 exam includes knowledge of the following:

  • basic concepts of the IT4IT reference architecture and the IT value chain
  • concepts of IT4IT Core
  • key terminology of IT4IT
  • four value streams:
    1. Strategy to Portfolio
    2. Requirement to Deploy
    3. Request to Fulfill
    4. Detect to Correct

The Open Group views the certification as proof that the candidate has gained knowledge of the IT4IT value chains, terminology, structure and basic concepts. If people fail the test, they must wait one month before they can take it again. Requirements for Level 1 conformance can be found on The Open Group's website.

IT4IT certification cost

IT4IT certification is included in the exam fees, which is $360. However, certification exam prices are subject to fluctuate over time, partially due to changes in exchange rate.

Materials can also be purchased in order to self-study for the IT4IT Foundation certification. For example, there is an IT4IT Foundation Self-Study Pack available for $39.95. The Self-Study Pack includes a PDF study guide, reference cards, a PDF pocket guide and official practice tests.

IT4IT reference architecture

IT4IT is based around IT value chains. An IT value chain is the set of activities performed by an organization that adds profit to either a business or IT service. Each value stream in the IT4IT standard focuses on the streamlining and integration of key areas in the overall service model.

The IT4IT reference architecture, and IT4IT Foundation certification, focuses on four main value streams:

  • Strategy to Portfolio
  • Requirement to Deploy
  • Request to Fulfill
  • Detect to Correct

The newest version of IT4IT, Version 3.0, emphasizes digital product management as a core concept. The new version sees IT components as digital products, along with what needs to be in place to deliver a digital product. Version 3.0 also includes new value streams. However, The Open Group stated that it is not yet approved as a standard and to not specify or claim conformance to it. Instead, the test is based on the previous version.

How can IT4IT and IT4IT certification deliver business value?

Individuals certified in IT4IT can provide value in an organization by being a source of knowledge for the following:

  • IT management -- as IT4IT is a management standard and not a process;
  • IT4IT reference architecture -- as use as a multiview reference architecture;
  • four different value streams -- as they are built around essential parts of the IT service model to add value to a business or IT service;
  • key terminology and concepts of IT4IT and IT management -- as certification proves that an individual has knowledge of the basic concepts behind IT4IT; and
  • integration standards -- as IT4IT can integrate well with existing standards, such as IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

IT4IT jobs

IT4IT certification can be useful for many organizations that want to move to the cloud or deploy Agile or DevOps. Different industries, such as oil and gas, finance, insurance and IT organizations, have used IT4IT for IT management.

IT architects, managers and practitioners may be required to be IT4IT-certified for their positions. As an example, some potential positions that may request IT4IT certification include the following.



  • IT architects
  • platform architects
  • enterprise architects
  • business architects
  • infrastructure architects
  • software and system architects


  • business process consultants
  • technical consultants
  • cloud advisory consultants
This was last updated in March 2021

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