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Netscape's SmartDownload is a free software program that allows a user to pause, stop, and resume a file download without losing any data. If the user choses to stop the download or if a dial-up connection terminates unexpectedly, the SmartDownload client takes advantage of the Multichannel Protocol Plus (MP+) capability of most Web servers to determine that the "resume call" should be added to the existing session.

AOL, the owner of Netscape, whose SmartDownload application is compatible with other browsers including Internet Explorer, has been criticized for using the application to gather data and create a user profile without the user's knowledge. It is speculated that disputes over the legality of these user profiles could have ramifications for other disputes, including those involving the music industry, whose copyright lawyers would like to be able to locate individual users who are violating the law.

This was last updated in September 2005

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