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domain sniper

A domain sniper is a person or company that locates and registers a Web site domain name that has lapsed from registration in the expectation that the original registrant will be willing to buy the name back. Anyone who has registered a domain name for a Web site must renew it periodically and, if they forget to renew it, it then becomes available for someone else to register. The domain sniper typically has no intention of using the domain name other than to resell it back to its original owner. If unable to do that, they sometimes try to sell it on eBay. The most aggressive domain snipers redirect visitors expecting to see the old Web site to a porn site as a way to pressure the original owner to pay more or more quickly.

There have been calls for ICANN to require registration agencies to provide for a 30-day or longer waiting period before a lapsed registration can be reregistered by someone other than the original registrant.

Also see cybersquatting.

This was last updated in September 2005

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