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micro app

Contributor(s): Sarah Lewis

A micro app is a small, task-based application used to maximize consumer efficiency. Typically developed with HTML, the goal of a micro app is to be simple and perform a limited amount of functionality. A simple browser plug-in or application can also be considered a micro app. These types of applications can be seen on all types of devices. On the desktop, a micro app might include system administration utilities such as a battery level tracker, hard drive storage reporting tool or calculator.

On a smartphone, a micro app could be a weather forecast predictor or step counter. Major social media sites have also begun implementing micro apps to perform certain tasks outside of the main platform. Examples of this would be Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts.

Device users have a tendency to download applications that rarely get utilized to the full extent and are weighed down with unnecessary features. Micro apps provide an alternative solution to the typical application and address many common technical issues such as slow performance, strict user regulations, complicated interface and restricted accessibility. Additionally, micro apps see a larger engagement and better usability.

Beneficial features of micro apps

  • Compact and customized: Cutting out confusing features, micro apps are flexible and minimal, tailored to the user experience, optimization and productivity.
  • Cross-functional: The simplicity of micro apps makes it possible to deploy on all types of devices and platforms without the need for separate coding, features or versions.
  • Independent: Micro apps are designed with micro-service architecture and a single, independent database. This means they can be regulated and revised internally.
  • Low cost: Less functionality means less time to build, less resources needed and less money spent on improvement or upkeep.
  • No compliance needed: Utilizing HTML/HTML5 for programming allows micro apps to avoid the need to be downloaded from an app store and can instead be embedded into communication tools, existing applications, or websites.
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