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Top AI conferences and virtual events of 2021

Many AI conferences will be virtual in 2021 as the COVID-19 pandemic continues its ravage the world. Here are some of those notable events.

AI is embedded in society today through the use of customer service chatbots, virtual assistants on mobile devices and websites, and machine learning and translations -- among other things.

One of the best ways to stay on top of trends in this field and network with other like-minded individuals is to attend industry conferences.

There are several AI conferences and virtual events taking place in 2021. Here is a list of some of those events.

1. AI World Executive Summit: The Future of AI

When: July 14

Where: virtual

Cost: academic rate -- $429 after June 25; commercial rate -- $799 after June 25

Where to register: AI World Executive Summit: The Future of AI

This one-day conference features keynote speakers from both academia and industry. It includes panels on democratizing AI in businesses, how AI tools can make people smarter and a roundtable discussion of the future of AI through the year 2045.

Speakers include:

  • Franziska Bell, vice president of data and analytics at BP
  • Michal Iwanowski, vice president of engineering at
  • Joanne Lo, CEO of Attica AI

2. MarketsandMarkets Big Data Virtual Masterclass Conference

When: July 22-23

Where: virtual

Cost: industry delegates -- free, solution provider delegates -- $599

Where to register: MarketsandMarkets Big Data Virtual Masterclass Conference

The Big Data Virtual Masterclass Conference is designed to address problems facing enterprises today regarding the quality of data analysis. It will talk about how organizations can use AI, machine learning and the cloud to mine, store and analyze data more effectively and securely.

Speakers include:

  • Mohit Jain, lead data scientist at American Express
  • Kimberly Mosley, executive director of the Digital Analytics Association
  • Reet Padda, head of data engineering at TD

3. Ai4 2021

When: Aug. 17-19

Where: virtual

Cost: $395

Where to register: Ai4 2021

Ai4 brings together industry experts from the AI and machine learning fields across multiple sectors, including government, media and academia. This event seeks to create an environment where data scientists and entrepreneurs can work together toward more effective and responsible human-machine collaboration.

Speakers include:

  • Douglas Hamilton, managing director of artificial intelligence at Nasdaq
  • Nick Reese, senior cyber policy adviser for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Dawn Thomas, director for machine learning and AI at American Express

4. IntelliSys 2021

When: Sept. 2-3

Where: virtual

Cost: $423

Where to register: IntelliSys 2021

IntelliSys focuses on the real-world applications of AI and intelligent systems through lectures and workshops led by researchers, data scientists and industry professionals. Conference tracks for 2021 include AI, machine learning, robotics and ambient intelligence.

Speakers include:

  • Amy Bruckman, professor and senior associate chair at the Georgia Institute of Technology's School of Interactive Computing
  • Nikola Kasabov, founding director of the Knowledge Engineering and Discovery Research Institute, Auckland
  • Wojciech Szpankowski, director of Purdue University's Center for Science of Information

5. Global Artificial Intelligence Virtual Conference

When: Sept. 16-18

Where: virtual

Cost: early-bird registration -- $144.50 to $1,499.50, start of the event -- $289 to $2,999

Where to register: Global Artificial Intelligence Virtual Conference

This event, presented by the Global Big Data Conference in Seattle, features discussions, case studies and in-depth workshops to help industry leaders initiate and expand AI practices in their organizations. Specialty areas of interest at the conference include IoT, data mining, data analytics, representation learning, cognitive computing and speech recognition.

Speakers include:

  • Navid Imani, AI research scientist at Google
  • Pramit Mitra, senior data engineer at Oracle
  • Shardul Vikram, vice president of engineering at Salesforce

6. The AI Summit London 2021

When: Sept. 22-23

Where: London

Cost: early-bird registration -- $1,128 to $1,833, after July 30 -- $1,410 to $3,244

Where to register: The AI Summit London 2021

The AI Summit brings together speakers and experts from around the world to help leaders understand, design and implement AI and machine learning principles in their organizations. This event is designed to serve as a primer for those just entering this side of the technology sector and as a community for like-minded AI professionals.

Speakers include:

  • James Bell, head of AI and machine learning at Dow Jones
  • Raluca Iordache, director of data products and AI at Deutsche Bank
  • James Weatherall, vice president of data science, AI and research and development at AstraZeneca

Other industry conferences in 2021

AI isn't the only field that has industry-specific events. Here are some other conferences and virtual events to check out in 2021:

7. AI for Good Summit

When: Nov. 11-12

Where: virtual and Seattle

Cost: TBA

Where to register: AI for Good Summit

The AI for Good Summit brings together data scientists and business leaders to discuss ways AI and machine learning can benefit society and solve real-world problems in environmental issues, sustainability, education and healthcare. The summit hosts multiple tracks for cross-industry collaboration and knowledge-sharing, a hybrid format of online and in-person sessions, practical workshops and technical labs.

Speakers include:

  • Kathy Baxter, principal architect of ethical AI practice at Salesforce
  • Anna Bethke, head of AI for social good at Intel's Artificial Intelligence Products Group
  • Eddan Katz, project lead on digital protocol networks at the World Economic Forum

8. Open Data Science Conference West

When: Nov. 16-18

Where: San Francisco

Cost: early-bird pricing: conference/training pass -- $799 to $1,399, virtual pass -- $199 to $699

Where to register: ODSC West 2021

ODSC West takes a broad-spectrum approach to walk attendees through the AI field, from conceptualization to implementation and advanced development. It does this through lectures and workshops in specialty areas such as deep learning, cybersecurity, computer vision and robotics.

Speakers include:

  • Jennifer Redmon, chief data evangelist and director of data science at Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Oriol Vinyals, principal research scientist at Google Deepmind
  • Jeannette M. Wing, Avanessians director of the Data Science Institute at Columbia University

Industry conferences aren't the only training opportunities for those looking to further their careers in AI. Here are some top university programs to study AI.

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