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RTF File Format

Rich Text Format document

RTF file format

RTF is a text file format used by Microsoft products, such as Word and Office. RTF, or Rich Text Format, files were developed by Microsoft in 1987 for use in their products and for cross-platform document interchange. RTF is readable by most word processors. RTF files support text style formatting, as well as images within the text. RTF files can be converted into a different format by changing the formatting selection when saving the word document.

MIME: application/rtf, application/x-rtf, text/rtf, text/richtext, application/msword, application/doc, application/x-soffice

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i wanted to convert a power point into rtf do we go ahead
was blocked whilst trying to create a new email signature
RTF file would not load on my ipad
RTF file won't open on my iphone, how do I open it to print and view?
excellent tool for formatting your text
You can open rtf files with
Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite) by Savy Soda
On Apple devices
Cancel has articles available to be downloaded as a RTF
I am doing a conversion and we are using RTF to view the documents but I would like the documents to be view only when they open instead of being able to edit
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