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Weird and wonderful geekspeak: Do you speak Geek?

Weird and wonderful geekspeak: Do you speak Geek?

The tech world is a constant source of strange new words, and new applications for older ones. How many of these unusual terms can you guess without peeking?

1. A new word for a new scourge of the Internet: it's a term for spam delivered via instant messaging.
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2. This term refers to software that has been adapted so that it doesn't function fully until users registers their copies.
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3. This acronym, which identifies the precise source of a technical problem, is especially useful in a help desk environment.
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4. This colorful term describes theft of data using a short-range wireless technology.
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5. Pronouncing this tech term makes it sound like you're announcing to the world that you need a bath. It's an IP-based standard for linking storage facilities.
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6. This a type of security exploit carried out by blue, three-apple high, cartoon characters -- okay, not really, but it is named for them.
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7. It's for the birds! This term refers to an MP3 file that is overwritten with unwanted sounds -- such as jeering at the user -- to deter unauthorized downloads.
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8. Doing this to yourself is called egosurfing: it means entering someone's name into a popular search engine to see what information is online about them.
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9. This term originated with the military to describe an irredeemable situation, and is equally applicable in an IT context.
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10. This reptillian extract is used to describe the exaggerated claims of some software vendors.
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How many could you guess correctly without peeking? Let us know!

This was last updated in May 2008
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