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Bypass IVRS - Talk to a real person - cheatsheet

Ever wish you could get a real person on the phone? We've got a cheatsheet that tells you how!

AAA Financial 1-800-523-7666 Press 0 at each menu no matter the response.
AARP Pharmacy Services 800-289-8849 when the computer voice is done hit 000 ignoring all untill you get a human voice hit 0000
ABN AMRO Mortgage 800-783-8900 Press ##0.
AccessoriesPlus1 845-698-4012 Site temporarily down. No contact information available.
Accredited Home Lenders 877-683-4466 Press 0
Adelphia 888-683-1000 Press * at each prompt (~ 6)
Adobe Systems 800-833-6687 1 for Adobe, 2 for MacroMedia, 3 for both.
Advance Auto Parts 800-314-4243 Press 0 when the automated message begins.
Advanta (business cards) 800-705-7255 1, 0
Aetna 800-537-9384 2, then say "operator" (check this)
Aetna 800-680-3566 * then 0 anytime
AIG 877-638-4244 Direct to human.
All Brand Service by Maytag 800-462-9824 Press 0,0.
Alltel Cellular 800-255-8351 Press # four times. 800-201-7575 Remain on the line to reach a customer service representative. 800-201-7575 Wait though the first menu for an agent.
Amazon Visa 888-247-4080 Press 0 twice. Ignore invalid account message.
America First 800-999-3961 0 or say "member services"
American Airlines 800-433-7300 00, then say "agent"
American Education Services 800-233-0557 Select language, then press 2, then 00# ar each prompt
American Express (Business) 800-492-3344 Press 0# at each prompt.
American Express 800-528-4800 0 repeatedly
American Funds 800-421-0180 Press 0.
America Online 800-827-6364 Press 0 repeatedly, ignoring all messages.
Ameritrade 800-669-3900 3, 3, 0. (Former Datek Clients: 800-823-2835)
Amtrak 800-872-7245 0 or say "agent"
Amtrak 877-444-4773 Direct to human.
Anheuser-Busch, Inc. 800-342-5283 Direct to human.
Anheuser-Busch 800-342-5283 Direct to human
Apple Care 800-275-2273 Press 0,0,0.
Apple Stores local store press 5 as soon as you hear the automated menu
Apple Tech Support 800-275-2273 0,,0,,0 Wait for IVR response before pressing 0 each time.
Apple 800-275-2273 000; if virtual rep answers, say "operator"
AT&T Universal Card 800-423-4343 Do not say anything or push any buttons! It takes awhile, but eventually a human comes on-line!
AT&T Wireless 800-888-7600 During prompts, press * then # twice.
AT&T 800-222-0300 Press # four times, then press 1 if for current phone, 2 to enter other number, else 3. 888-283-5051 Press 3 or just wait through menu.
Aviall Services, Inc 800-284-2553 Direct to human.
Back to Basics 800-688-1989 Direct to human.
Banana Republic 888-277-8953
Bank of America 800 900 9000 At ANY Bank of America number, press 00 to get human.
Bank One 877-226-5663 00
Barnes & Noble local store Press 1 or 0 during greeting.
Barnes & 800-843-2665 Wait through intro, after language choice it will put you in a hold for an agent
Bayview Loan Services 800-457-5105 Press 0.
Beechnut 800-233-2468 Direct to human.
Belkin Tech support 800-223-5546 Press 0.
BellSouth 877-678-2355 Press *0.
Best Buy Card 800-365-0292 00* then press 8
Best Buy 888-237-8289 Listen to intro, then press 1,2,0,0
Best Buy 888-237-8289 Press 1,1,1,#,# and then wait through the 3 prompts asking for your home telephone number.
Blair 800-458-2000 Direct to human.
Blockbuster Online 866-692-2789 Press 1,3,4.
Bloomingdales Credit 800-295-4057 Say "agent."
Blue Cross FEP 800-451-7602 Wait for prompt, then press 0, 3 to reach a CS rep.
Bose 800-444-2673 Direct to human. 949-389-2000 Dail 0 and direct to rep
Cablevision 800-868-9840 Press 1 at 1st prompt. Then press * at each prompt. A person will answer but you might be put on hold.
Cannondale Bicycle Corp. 800-245-3872 Direct to human.
Canon USA 800-828-4040 Press 0.
Capital One 800-903-3637 For all Capital One #s, press 0 at each prompt or just don't do anything until finally offered option of representative
Caremark 800-262-7890
Catholic Answers 888-291-8000 Direct to human.
Cellular One 888-910-9191 Press 4.
Charles Schwab 800-435-9050 3, 0
Charter Communications 888-438-2478 Press 0 eight times.
Charter 866-499-8080 Select language, 0,0,0,0,0,0 (and then hold :(
Chase Auto Loans 800-346-9670 Press 1, 2, *0
Chase Credit Cards 800-625-5161 Direct to human. (This line is for online issues only.)
Chase 800-242-7324 At most Chase numbers, press 0 at each prompt; eventually get rep.
Chrysler Financial 800-700-0738 Select language, then press 00
Cigna 800-849-9000 ##
Cingular 800-211-2445 Direct to human.
Circuit City Visa 800-937-1294 Dial 333 to get connected to a customer service representative.
Circuit City Visa 888-363-8001 Press 0 a lot.
Citibank 800-756-7047 Otherwise, press 0 at each prompt; eventually get rep.
Citi Cards 866-696-5673 Press 0 to get a human is offered at many Citibank numbers.
Citizens Bank 800-922-9999 Press 0,0,0
Columbia Mutual Funds 800-345-6611 Say "representative."
Comcast 800-266-2278 Press 000 or be silent and wait.
Comcast 800-945-2288 Press * at each prompt (~ 9). Or ignore messages (2 min).
Commerce Bank 800-937-2000 Press 0.
Compaq 800-652-6672 When asked what product say "I don't know", then "person", ignore message and human will answer (may gave to hold)
CompUSA local store
Countrywide Loans 800-669-5864 Press 0 repeatedly
Cox Communications 877-247-2474 Press 4.
Critter Connection 215-895-9895 Out of business - send email to
CVS local store Press 6 to connect to store manager.
Decision One Mortgage 888-264-3663 Don't press any keys when prompted; they transfer you
Dell Customer Service 800-624-9896 Press 0,0,0,0,0.
Dell 800-999-3355 Press "0" repeatedly.
Dell 888-560-8324 00, 0, 0, 0
Delta Dental 888-335-8227 00000, wait through message, select language, 4, 0.
Delta Faucet Company 800-345-3358 Press 0.
Delta 800-221-1212 Say "agent" 3-4 times - every time it asks for a response from you.
DGI Supply 800-923-6255 Press 0.
DHL 800-225-5345 Press 1, press 5, press 0, enter your phone number.
Diner's Club 800-729-5309 Press 2.
DirectMerchants Bank 800-379-7999 Press 0 at each prompt; eventually get rep.
Direct TV 877-575-4332 Person answers.
Directv 800-494-4388 Silence, and you will be routed to a human/
Discover 800-347-2683 ****
DISH network 800-333-DISH Press 0 repeatedly. Transferred to a human or given an estimated wait time.
Dodge and Cox 800-621-3979 Press 0. 800-378-4786 2, 5
DS Waters of America 800-669-3402 Press 1 or 2 for language and then press 0.
Earthlink 888-327-8454 Press 1 to find a dial-in number; 2 for billing; 3 for sales; 4 for support
eBay 800-322-9266 0,0
Eckerd 800-325-3737 0 for pharmacy, 8* for manager 877-888-2678 Press 2, 2.
Edward Jones 314-515-2000 Worldwide corporate HQ in St. Louis, MO still answers 314-515-2000 with switchboard operators, who announce their name as well
Emigrant direct 800-836-1997 Human answers.
Entertainment Weekly Magazine 866-228-1183 Say "agent" then "yes" when asked.
Epson 800-922-8911 yes
Equifax 866-640-2273 Choose option 3, then press 0 and wait patiently for human.
e*Trade 800-786-2575 #### (4 pound signs)
Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Co. 800-438-7352 Press 1 for touch-tone telephone and then press 7 for operator.
Express Scripts - TriCare 866-363-8667 0, listen announcement, 0,0.
Exxon Mobil Card 800-344-4355 000 ignoring message
E-Z Pass 888-288-6865 0,0,0,0 (ignoring "invalid response" messages)
FedEx 888-463-3339 At message say "Rep"; or press 0
Fidelity NetBenefits 800-581-5800 1,#################
Fidelity 800-544-6666 ignore prompt for social security number, just enter ###
Fifth Third Bank 800-972-3030 0,0
First National Bank of Omaha 888-530-3626 Press 0 at each prompt.
Ford Interest Advantage 800-462-2614 Choose option 4, then option 0 to speak to rep.
Free 411 800-373-3411 a free alternative to paying $1 or more for 411 calls
Fujitsu PC Support 800-385-4878 0, 0
Gap Credit Card 800-887-1198 000
Garmin International 800-800-1020 Press 1.
Gateway 800-846-2301 Press nothing and wait through message.
GE Appliance 800-626-2005 Press 0,0,0.
Geek Squad 800-433-5778 0,0,0,0,0,0
GE Finance CareCredit 866-893-7864 1, 6, 5, 0, 0
GEICO 800-841-3000 Wait for prompt then 6, 1, 5; Or dail 800-555-2752
Georgia Boot 877-795-2410 Direct to human or individual voicemail.
Glucerna 800-986-8501 Direct to human.
GMAC Mortgage 800-766-4622 Press 0 at each prompt.
GM MasterCard 800-947-1000 Press 0 at each prompt.
Godaddy 480-505-8877 4, #, select 1 for new customer 2 existing customer, #again
Green Dot Online 866-443-6227 Wait through prompts 3 times, then long wait for rep.
Harris Direct 800-825-5723 Press 0.
Hewlett-Packard 800-474-6836 Say "agent".
Holmes 800-284-3267 Direct to human.
Home Depot 800-793-3768 # 2-3 times
Home Depot local store Direct to human.
Home Shopping Net 800-284-3100
Honda Financial Services 800-445-1358 Press 0 at each prompt regardless of the message.
Honeywell 800-468-1502 Press 1, 2, or 3 for language and press 1 for homeowner and then 9 for customer service.
Household Bank (Credit card) 800-771-7339 Press 0 at each prompt to get human.
HSBC 800-477-6000 1, 3, 0
IBM 800-IBM-4YOU You go into a hold queue immediately
IGIA 800-716-8667 Press 1 and then hold through the intermittant silence/music.
Ikea 800-434-4532 Press 0 many times quickly!
IndyMac Bank 800-781-7399 Press 0 at each prompt regardless of the message.
ING 800-464-3473 Direct to human.
JC Penney 800-222-6161 Press 0 twice, ignoring error message.
Jet Blue 800-538-2583
John Deere Credit 800-541-2969 Press 9 once IVR message starts.
JVC America 800-252-5722 Press 3. 203-899-3120
Key Bank 800-539-2968 Remain on line; press nothing
KitchenAid 800-422-1230 Press 3,4,2 and then stay on the line.
K-Mart local store
Kodak Gallery (Ofoto) 800-360-9098 Say "customer service."
Kodak 800-235-6325 Press *7 or *28.
kodak 800-235-6325 Press # after intro message.
Kohl's Credit 800 564-5740 After providing account info, press 0 three times
Konica Minolta Photo Imaging 800-285-6422 Press 0.
Linksys 800-326-7114 Press 1, 2, or 3 for language, wait through message and when menu starts press #,#,#.
LL Bean 800-441-5713 Direct to human
Lowe's 800-445-6937 Press 0 as the recording kicks in to get to the Operator
Lufthansa 800-399-5838 Direct to human.
Macy's Credit Customer Service 866-593-2543 When asked to hear your account information say "No". Then say "More Options" - "Other Options" - "Agent"
Magnavox 800-705-2000 Say "agent" after selecting language.
Magnavox 800-705-2000 Say "English" in response to the language prompt. Then say "Speak to an agent".
Mariott Rewards 800-321-7396 Enter rewards number and press 0 (or just press 0 if you don't have the #).
Marshall Fields Credit Card 800-280-4356 After greeting, choose option #9, then press 0.
MasterCard 800-MC-ASSIST 000 on each menu
Maytag 800-688-9900 Press 0,0.
MBNA 800-421-2110 00 when menu starts
MCI/Costco Calling Card 800-938-4949 Press 2 four times.
Medco Health 1-800-770-2810 hit 0000 whenever a puter comes on
Medco 800-251-7690 0000, enter member id or say "i don't have a member id."
MEDCO 800-987-5269 Say "representative" after each message (3x).
Medicare 800-633-4227 After the opening prompt say "agent".
Mellon Investor 800-649-3593 Wait through initial recording finishes, select nothing--wait--you will be connected to a live customer service rep
Memorex Electronics 800-919-3647 Press 3 and hold through intermittant silence and recording.
Merril Lynch 800-229-9040 Press 0# at each prompt.
MetLife Bank 866-226-5638 Press # after each menu.
Metro PCS 888-863-8768 Press #43.
Microsoft 800-936-5700 Always 0. This is true for just about any MS number.
Moneygram 800-926-9400 Press 0 when menu starts.
Motorola 800-331-6456 Press 0 twice.
M&T Bank 800-724-2440 Press 0 at each prompt.
Napster 800-839-4210 Wait for menu and then press 1,4,2.
National Car Rental 800-227-7368 Direct to human.
NAVY FCU 800-914-9494 Press 2, then press * 3 times.
NEBS, Inc. 800-225-9540 Hold for customer service.
Nelnet Student Loans 888-826-6055 Direct to human
Netflix 800-279-5688 Say "customer service."
NetFlix 888-638-3549
NETGEAR, Inc. 888-638-4327 Press 3,1.
Nextel 800-639-6111 Press 0 five times.
Nokia 888-665-4228 Press 1 for English, then wait for 3 repeats of the recording and then ignore the prompt for your telephone number.
Northwest 800-225-2525 *, 0,0 after initial greeting
NOVA Information Systems 800 377-3962 Press 0
Old Navy 800-653-6289
Orbitz 888-656-4546 #,#,#,#,# 800-843-2446 At the main menu, 0 three to four times to bypass the menu
Packet8 (VoIP) 888-898-8733 Ignore message, press 3, then 5 to get to CS rep
Palm 813-313-4913 Charge of $25 per call.
Panasonic 800-211-7262 Press 0,0,0.
Paypal Buyer Credit 866-571-3012 Be silent and at the end of the options press 6.
PayPal 402-935-7733 Say "agent."
Petco local store 3
Playstation 800-345-7669 Press 0 and hold through the recording and then the silence.
PNC Bank 888-762-2265 Press * till it says "transfering to customer support;" takes about 3 *s.
Principal Financial Group 800-547-7754 Ignore prompt for social security, press ###.
Principal Life 800-247-4695 1 for english, 2, then 0 several times. 800-930-6040 Direct to human.
Privacy Guard 800-734-0199 Say "agent" or "no" or any word at each prompt.
Providian 800-280-0561 Press 000 at each prompt until transferred to human.
Prudential Annuity Service Center 888-778-2888 Press *, *. At SSN prompt, press *, *. At end of message will reach rep.
Prudential Financial 800-778-3932 Do nothing but listen to the prompts. A live person will come on the line shortly.
Prudential Financial 800-778-2255 Say "Customer Service Representative" several times after intro.
Qualcomm, Inc 800-544-4977 Wait for menu to begin, then press 0.
QuickBooks 888-729-1996 1 purchase; 2 billing; 3 registration; 4 tech support or 0 to human
QVC 800-367-9444
Qwest 800-244-1111 Say "Agent" 5 times.
Radio Shack 800-843-7422 0,0
RadioShack local store Direct to human.
RBS Credit Card Services 800-747-8155 Press 0 at each prompt; eventually get rep.
RCN 800-746-4726 Press 5, then 3, then 1.
Real Networks Rhapsody 866-311-0567 Direct to human.
Rent-A-Center 800-422-8186 1
Rite Aid local store Press 3 to speak to the pharmacy
Safeway local store As soon as voice prompt starts type 1200 to get human
Sallie Mae - Student Loans 888-272-5543 Don't speak or enter anything and you will be transferred to an agent.
Sallie Mae 888-272-5543 Press 00 at each prompt.
SBC DSL Support 877-722-3755 Say "no" and enter your phone # (or "yes" if calling from same number on account), then press 0 repeatedly.
SBC 800-585-7928 Again, an (intelligent, this time) IVR wants YOUR phone number first.
Sealy 800-697-3259 Wait through all menu options (approximately 2.5 minutes) and hold for a customer service representative.
Sears Delivery 800-732-7747 *122
Sears Repairs 800-469-4663 Repeat "Help" everytime the IVR tries to give options.
Sears 800-4-MY-HOME Be silent to be put in queue for human.
Sharper Image 800-344-9919 Direct to human.
Simple Freedom 800-335-6401 Press 1, then 3, then 2.
Sirius 888 539-7474 Press 1 at 1st prompt. Press 0 at the next prompt.
Smith Barney Benefitaccess 888-822-6067 Press 0.
Sonos, Inc. 800-680-2345 Press 1,1.
Sony Games 800-345-7669 Press 0 and hold through the recording and then the silence.
Sony 800-222-7669 Say "agent."
Southwest 800-435-9792 Direct to human. (may hold if busy time)
Sovereign Bank 877-768-2265 Do not say anything or push any buttons. Eventually a human comes on the line.
Sports Illustrated 800-284-8800 Press 0,0,0,0 (ignore "invalid entry" messages).
Sprint Broadband Direct 888-996-0001 Press 0 twice.
Sprint PCS 866-273-2163 Direct to human.
Sprint 800-658-7564 Direct to human.
Sprint 866-818-1858 Directly to human.
Staples 800-333-3330 Just wait through intro and you will be connected to a representative.
Staples local store
State Farm Bank 877-734-2265 Press 0
Stop & Shop local number
SunCom 800-786-7378 Press 0 four to five times during or after opening message.
SunTrust 800-786-8787 Press # after each menu.
Symantec 800-441-7234 Working on the steps to get to a human - in the meantime, go to for live customer support
Symantec 800-441-7234 00
Target local store 0 during greeting.
TD Waterhouse 800-934-4448 Press # after opening prompt, then do it again after prompt to be transferred to rep.
The Company Store 800-285-3696
The Student Loan Corp. (Citibank) 800-967-2400 Choose option 5.
The Student Loan People 888-250-6401 Press 0 repeatedly.
TIAA-CREF 800-842-2252 Press 00 at each prompt.
Tiger Direct 888-999-7300
Time Magazine 866-731-5401 Press 0,0,0,0 (ignore "invalid entry" messages).
TiVo 877-367-8486 Say "Live Agent"
T-Mobile 877-606-4801 Direct to human.
Toyota Financial Services 800-874-8822 Just stay on the line. Do not hit "1" for English or "0" for Spanish.
Toys "R" Us local store
TracFone 800-339-9345 Direct to human.
TransUnion 800-916-8800 No cheat necessary; 2nd prompt offers human contact
Travelocity 888-872-8356 #,#,#,#,#,#,#,#,#,# (ignoring "I'm sorry I did not understand" messages)
T. Rowe Price 800-225-5132 Press 0 at each prompt.
T. Rowe Price 800-922-9945 Say 'Representative' at every opportunity
TV Guide 800-866-1400 Say "customer service" three times. 866-946-8243 Direct to human.
Union Pacific 800-877-5123 Press # sign during main menu options.
United Health Care 866-844-4864 000000,0,0
United 800-864-8331 When you hear "let's get started" say "Agent" ... then "Domestic" or "International" as appropriate.
UPS 800-742-5877 0,0
USAA 800-531-2265 Say "representative" at every opportunity.
USAA 800-531-6095 000 then #; or # initially to dial the extension of a specific representative
US Airways 800-428-4322 4, wait, 1
US Bank 800-872-2657 0000
U.S. Cellular 888-944-9400 Press 0.
US Dept. of Education - Loans 800-848-0979 Say and do nothing at the prompt and you will be transfered to someone.
US Dept. of State - Passports 877-487-2778 Choose English, press 1, 3.
US Dept. of Transportation 800-832-5660 Press 000.
US Dept. of Veterans Affairs 800-827-1000 Press 1,0.
US Federal Trade Commission 877-382-4357 At each prompt, press 4, 5, 0.
US Homeland Security - FEMA 800-621-FEMA Select language (1 for English), Don't choose any option, just hold for human; or press 00
US Homeland Security - INS 800-375-5283 Select language, then press 2, 6, 2, 4 at the prompts, press 0.
US Medicare 800-633-4227 Say "agent" or press 0.
US Postal Service 800-275-8777 Press 3 at each prompt. Press 2 at the next recording.
US Social Security Admin 800-772-1213 Press 00.
Verizon DSL 800-567-6789 Say "Agent" repeatedly.
Verizon Phone Repair 800-275-2355 Direct to human.
Verizon Wireless 800-922-0204 Press #00 or enter phone # then 0 then 4.
Virgin Mobile 888-322-1122 Say: "English", "More Options", "Ask a Question", "Live Advisor", "Something Else", then enter mobile # or say "I don't have one."
Visa 800-847-2911 000 (ignore prompts saying that it's an invalid entry)
Vonage Customer Care 888-250-1799 Direct to human.
Wachovia 800-922-4684 0, 0
Walgreens Mail Order 800-635-3070 0,00
Walgreens local store 0 for a pharmacy employee
Wal Mart Credit Card 866-888-3868
Wal-Mart 800-925-6278 1 for directory
Walt Disney World 407-824-4521 Direct line to Magic Kingdom Guest Relations
Washington Mutual 800-788-7000 For all Washington Mutual numbers, press 0 at each prompt regardless of the message.
Wells Fargo 800-869-3557 0,0,0 or when asked for account number say "I don't know"
Western Union Money Orders 800-325-6000 Don't enter anything; let menu run 3 times; eventually will be transferred to rep.
Western Union 800-325-6000 * then ##
Whirlpool 800-253-1301 Press 0,0,0,# (ignore prompt for telephone number).
XM Radio 800-967-2346 Press 0.
XM Radio 800-998-7900 Direct to human. No estimated wait time given if placed on hold.
Zone Labs, Inc. 877-966-5221 Press 2 for direct to human 24/7

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Your att directions do NOT work
Thank you! spend forever today trying to get on the phone with somebody at Sallie Mae, this sped it up alotttttt
Thank you!
Verizon (Land LIne ) Phone Number
Press # at prompt, then press 0
awesome i love it thanks you soo much
both kodak numbers go to re ording saying they dont offer live support, thanks tho
Charter Communications 888-438-2478 Press 0 eight times.
Green dot 8664436227, call cannot be completed
To the IVR cheatsheet do you mind adding the ca labor commissioner numbers?
Bank of America account services (suspicious activity notices) pressing 0 does nothing.
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