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Fast Guide: Enterprise AIR Applications

What are the best Adobe AIR Applications for enterprise IT?

adobe airSince its introduction last year, there have been many innovative applications developed for Adobe AIR. Adobe AIR is a developer's tool for creating platform-independent web applications that can be run on a user's desktop. If you want to see what you've been missing, you'll need to download Adobe AIR first. Once you've installed the runtime, check out the following list of our favorites and then check out some other Adobe AIR application reviews.

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Agile Agenda
Enter data and use the application's dynamic scheduling features to track dependencies, story status, share data through XML and create Gantt charts.
Download Agile Agenda

FedEx Desktop
Track your packages with this handy utility. Tracking history is cached locally and is searchable by tracking number, nickname or date. You can apply filters to see delivery exceptions and completed deliveries. You can put the app in the background and let it automatically notify you as shipment status changes. Nifty.
Download FedEx Desktop

Google Analytics
View stats from Google's free analytics software. Download multiple reports, use tabbed browsing, drill down into data and create multiple profiles.
Download Google Analytics

JoomEdit is a content manager for Joomla, the open source content management system.
Download JoomEdit

Track hours and other tasks for multiple clients with Klok. Drag and drop editing, export to Excel export and archive your hours.
Download Klok

Navigate thousands of different color themes. RSS feeds of different themes enable designers to explore, create and share color harmonies. kuler allows the use to sort by tag, title, or creator ID and then copy hex values from any theme to a clipboard.
Download Kuler Desktop

Investors and brokers can replay detailed market activity at any given point in time.
Download NASDAQ

Debug Flash, Flex or AIR applications. RED|Bug modules allow the user to collect stats on memory usage, performance and device capabilities.
Download RED|Bug

Read, edit, modify or otherwise manipulate FLV files. Convert FLV files to SWF or MP3.
Download RichFLV

This chat widget is built specifically with for Flex programmers. A code input feature allows developers to chat about code without disrupting the flow of conversation in the dashboard. Users can search the FlexCoders mailing list archive for advice and examples.
Download SearchCoders

Store and organize code snippets or text. Snippely includes a syntax highlighter. Support for JavaScript, CSS, PHP and Ruby round out a useful tool for developers.
Download Snippely

This Twitter client improves the popular microblogging service substantially. Filter tweets, replies, direct messages, archives and friends. An integrated URL shortener makes linking a breeze. This app turns Twitter into an IM session, even when IM is down. Channel Twiiter into a (more) manageable stream of conversation. Twirl can also be configured for both multiple identities, if you maintain both work and personal twitterstreams. You can even update FriendFeed accounts and cross-post updates on Pownce and Jaiku.
Download Twirl

Get screengrabs of entire Web pages, or parts of them, simply by entering a URL. Grab an entire page, the current view or a selected area. Save to the four most common image extensions and organize the images using an output directory.
Download WebKut

BONUS: Six Fun AIR Applications that make Videos, News, Shopping, Social Media and Music better

Alert Thingy
If you're an early adopter of FriendFeed, the social media startup that aggregates the RSS feeds from the blogs, podcasts, tweets and shared items of your friends into a single, commentable newsfeed, Alert Thingy will be a godsend. If you're an enterprise user, you're probably not on here yet but it's worth listing nonetheless.
Download Alert Thingy

AOL Top 100 Music Videos
Surf the most popular music videos on from your desktop using this fluid interface.
Download the AOL Top 100 Music Video Widget

Browse listings from the comfort of your desktop. Useful for putting images of items from category listings side by side.
Download CLDesktop

DiggTop brings the social news from to the desktop, allowing the user to view favorite Digg topics, keyword feeds and videos or set up custom keyword searches or filters.
Download DiggTop

Spin the dial with Finetune. This online music recommendation service streams songs from your favorite artists and creates playlists tailored to your unique interests, much like
Download Finetune Desktop

If you like Pandora's take on an online recommendation engine, you'll appreciate the desktop client for the service. You can contribute to the Music Genone Project in the process, too. 
Download Pandora Desktop

 Other "Best AIR Applications" Recommendations:

For a comprehensive list of Adobe AIR applications, you can't do much better than the AIR Apps Wiki, a community-built and maintained site. features application showcases, galleries, news and tutorials.

Jason Bartholme's long list of 101 Adobe AIR Resources to Add to Your Toolbelt of Awesomeness is an immense selection of AIR-related resources, including tutorials, articles and applications. We wish he could tell us where to buy a new toolbelt of awesomeness; CLDesktop is coming up empty.

Many other writers have made also great aggregations of their favorite apps, including:

This was last updated in February 2011

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