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Microsoft Word Cheat Sheets

We've gathered resources from around the Web to help you work more effectively in Microsoft Word. You'll find cheat sheets for keyboard shortcuts and information about new features such as the ribbon, the Office button and the navigation pane. Do you have a favorite Word cheat sheet? Let us know!

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  • Creating, Numbering and Cross Referencing Equations With Microsoft Word -- You can use the equation editor in Microsoft Word to insert equations into Word, PowerPoint, or any other application that supports OLE (Object Linking and Embedding). This video series shows you how.
  • Microsoft Word Tips and Shortcuts -- This cheat lists shortcuts and offers tips on how to do some common tasks in Word.
  • Microsoft Word 2007 Cheat Sheet -- This cheat sheet offers an introduction to the Word 2007 interface and new features in this version. Includes quick reference charts.
  • Microsoft Word Fast Reference -- provides fast reference cards for various versions of Word and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Troubleshooting Word -- provides help for problems with numbering, styles, documents, headers and footers, and tables in Word.
  • Word Cheat Sheet -- provides a printable cheat sheet of keyboard shortcuts for Word.
  • Word 2003 --This cheat sheet explains features of the Word 2003 interface.
  • Word 2007 Quick Reference -- This fast reference guide lists tips and shortcuts for working with Word 2007.
  • Word 2003 Quick Reference -- This fast reference guide lists tips and shortcuts for working with Word 2003.

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