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We've gathered a collection of our quizzes on security-related topics. You'll find quizzes about security management, threats and vulnerabilities, viruses and other malware and more. Want to study up first? See below, our security-related learning guides and tutorials and our larger collection of resources.

Need more basic information before you get started? See our definitions for application security, malware and authentication.


Security Quizzes:

  • Authentication Methods -- This quiz will test your knowledge of the authentication measures protecting your network's resources.

  • Building a Risk-based Compliance Program -- Evaluate your grasp of risk-based compliance basics.

  • Common Vulnerabilities -- Test your knowledge of various vulnerabilities and the attacks targeting them.

  • Cryptography -- OK, boys and girls! Do you have your secret decoder handy? Evaluate your knowledge of cryptography with this quiz.

  • Encryption algorithms -- Take this quiz to find out how much you know about encryption algorithms.

  • Firewalls -- This quiz will test your knowledge of firewall basics.

  • Identity and Access Management Architecture -- How much do you know about identity and access management? Take this quiz to find out.

  • iSeries security -- Fact or Fiction? -- Test your knowledge against security expert Carol Woodbury's answers to iSeries security questions.

  • Nasties in the News -- How much do you know about the various malware threatening Web security? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

  • Online threats to privacy -- Take this quiz to see if you really have a grasp of the entities after your sensitive information.

  • Passwords -- This quiz features 10 essential password-related terms.

  • Securing Your Network -- Evaluate your grasp of essential information for protecting your network.

  • Security Awareness for End Users -- Your network's biggest threat may be end users. See if you know how to keep them from endangering network security.

  • Security Attacks -- This quiz tests your knowledge of some common attack methods and preventative measures.

  • Web Attack Prevention -- This quiz from Web Security School tests your understanding of protecting systems from intruders online.

  • Web Security School -- Did you ace the above? Take this Web Security final exam to see how much you really know about Web attack protection and defense.

  • Summer Security: Are you ready to go on vacation? -- Ready to go? Take this quiz to see if your network will be sufficiently protected in your absence.

  • Vulnerability Management -- Test your knowledge of vulnerability assessments and penetration tests.

  • What are the Top 10 consumer threats to the enterprise? -- Every admin should know about these consumer-driven threats.


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