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We wish to honor those readers who write in to tell us they've done well on one of our quizzes. We humbly acknowledge their genius and officially pronounce them Know IT Alls.


Kevin Perry
Chief Underwriting Officer, Travelers Boiler & Machinery

Chuck Sallee
CIS Manager, Lexington Division of Police

Karen Cote, MS
Lead Technical Analyst, University of Rochester Medical Center

Kathie Williams
Usability Sciences

Geek of the Week contest winners at Manpower, Incorporated
Sue Huhn - Senior Software Developer
Sara Baker - Manager for Application Development
Debbie Siegel - Associate Software Developer
Ronni Nivala - PowerBase Payroll Manager
Kathy Conatty - Manpower Help Desk Technical Specialist
Darlyne Emerick - System Support Analyst
Chrissy Luke - Systems Administrator
Robbin Hill - Change Management Supervisor

We women use your quizzes to have a little fun by having a "Geek of the Week" contest. We're all employees at Manpower International Inc. (one of the world's largest staffing firms) at the Home Office in Glendale, Wisconsin. The person who scores the highest on the quiz is required to bring treats for everyone and receives a floating "Geek of the Week" trophy. (The trophy is actually an old bowling trophy.)

Greg Ackerson
Principal Systems Analyst, NASA

Daniel Arauz Asencio
Instructor/SYSOP; Valley View School, Richmond, CA

Kirill Azhitsky
Technical Lead, MacDonalds

Jyoti Bhatia
Software Developer
It is very important to keep abreast and have a clear understanding of the ever-changing terminology, and that's exactly what these quizzes help me do.

Sally Carpenter
ESL Instructor

Nic Cary
Technical Director, Cary Design Ltd; London offers an entertaining way for me and my staff and clients to expand their knowledge of the known IT universe. Hardly a day goes by without a new crop of acronyms sprouting into existence. Rather than die under their weight, we use quizzes to harvest them and dazzle others with our geek chic.

Nazeem Cassiem
Account Manager, HP-Financial Services Division

Mr. George R. Clark
Information Systems Security Manager, U.S. Navy Manpower Analysis Center
Testing oneself is the surest way to increase your desire to learn more!

Paul Cochran
Business Consultant, BlueCross BlueShield of Massachusetts
I use the quizzes to test my knowledge in a variety of areas. The quizzes show me where I may need to read up on new technology.

James A. (Jamie) Dennis
I use these quizzes to test my knowledge and my areas of weakness so I might improve my knowledge of all areas of IT.

Tim Finamore
Nucomm Marketing International; Ontario, Canada
We use the site as a tool for our Help Desk here. The tests keep our reps on their toes and help further their education.

Clayton Flood
IT Administrator , BKR Walker Wayland; Brisbane, Australia

Michael Friend
Sr. Database Analyst, PACCAR Parts Division

Jack Ganz
CTO, NACS Inc., Brooklyn, NY

Giampiero Giacomello, Ph.D.
Researcher, Department of Social and Political Science; European University Institute, Florence, Italy
I work on cyberwar and cybercrime, so I have to test my knowledge about computer security and is a great help. But no matter how hard I try, my students are always, always ahead of me! They should teach me.

Moira Heffron
P.M. High School, Minneapolis
I use the quizzes to remind myself of what I know, as well as to direct further reading and to pick up fun facts to share with interested students.

Darin Johnson
AtHome Data Technician/Installer, Mediacom Communications
Taking the quizzes has helped me find my strengths and weaknesses. has been a major asset to me and to many other employees from my area.

Graham King
Technical Analyst, ETIS Trading Support Team; Yorkshire Electricity,UK
I use the quizzes to reassure myself that I still remember more than I've forgotten! They're also good for expanding knowledge on a topic that I already know a bit about. This morning's Peripheral's one was a good example - with loads of new interfaces and techniques mixed in with old ones.

William Knox
United States Navy

Darrin Lee
Unix Administrator, Cargill

Theresa Locke
All ten correct! And I thought I'd lost my touch!

Michael Lockett
Technical Services Consultant, Abacus II
I have used the quizzes to test my knowledge of current technologies. Given that I work as a "consultant", these quizzes help me prepare for questions that I might not anticipate from clients.

M. J. Minero

Gerry B. Owens
Contracts Manager, TEKsystems, Inc.

Jim Pullen
Vice-President/Market Research Manager, Atlanta, GA

Babu Rathinam

Pedro Sandoval
Programmer Analyst, CCN Managed Care
I use the quizzes to test my IT knowledge.

Khaled Shawky
Cairo, Egypt
Your exams...are really great.

Drew Shubel
Director, Operations; Versatile Mobile Systems
I use the quizzes to keep current and to keep my geek co-workers honest.

David Stewart
Programmer Analyst, BD
The quizzes are great for pointing out weak spots and just picking up a little extra information fast!

Tim Streng
Network Technician, Benton County Emergency Services

Lucy Summers
Web Designer,
I use the quizzes to keep up on what is going on in IT and that helps me help others when they need someone to resolve computer problems. In a very small rural community (pop. 1800+); there aren't many people with a lot of knowledge about IT, so I get help calls from friends and neighbors on a regular basis.

Mike Trax
Unix System Administrator, Purolator Courier Ltd., Misissauga, Ontario, Canada
I got 100%. Whoooo hoooo! :-)

Richard Traynham
...took one quiz last year and got ZERO right. I'm doing better these days.

Christophe Verhaeghe
CSC, Belgium
We live in a world where people need to know a lot in a minimum amount of time. Therefore, I consider taking the ten questions quiz as a quick and efficient training course on its own.

Shailesh Vidyarthi
Sr. Manager, BHEL-Piping Centre
The quizzes were a surprise. They help us to know our areas of interest better and to identify shortcomings, if any.

Reginald Wheat
Senior Programmer Analyst, Georgia Pacific Corporation

David Washington White
Director of MIS, Ministry of Health, Jamaica
You articles were a daily e-mail diet for me. In addition, I referred a lot of my junior staff and friends to your site.

Frank Whelan
Technology Project Manager, Reinsurance Service Projects, London

Neil Winston
Business Analyst, Opus Software Solutions; Chennai, India

Mike Woodward
Strategic Business Consultant, SAP UK

Donna Young
Information Systems Specialist, Washington State Arts Commission

Sang Young
Engineering Manager, IT Guardian Ltd

Ms. Fizulin Zin
Senior Technology Analyst, FirstFloor Capital

This was last updated in March 2011

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