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Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

Definition | searchAppArchitecture

An enterprise service bus (ESB) is a middleware tool used to distribute work among connected components of an application.

BEST (Business / Enterprise State Transfer)

Definition | SearchAppArchitecture

BEST (Business / Enterprise State Transfer) is an architectural approach for exchanging content with a Web site or Web services and is similar to ...

iPaaS (integration platform as a service)

Definition | SearchCloudComputing

Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a set of automated tools for connecting software applications that are deployed in different ...


Definition |

JBoss is a division of Red Hat that provides support for the JBoss open source application server program and related middleware services marketed ...

finite capacity scheduling

Definition | SearchERP

In manufacturing, finite capacity scheduling is an approach to understanding how much work can be produced in a certain time period, taking ...

service-oriented architecture (SOA)

Definition | SearchAppArchitecture

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a software development model for distributed application components that incorporates discovery, access ...

Our Favorite Technology Blogs

Definition | SearchServerVirtualization

A comprehensive listing of information technology-related blogs selected by the editors of that cover selected industry verticals and ...






  • business continuity plan (BCP)

    A business continuity plan (BCP) is a document that consists of the critical information an organization needs to continue ...

  • disaster recovery team

    A disaster recovery team is a group of individuals focused on planning, implementing, maintaining, auditing and testing an ...

  • cloud insurance

    Cloud insurance is any type of financial or data protection obtained by a cloud service provider. 


  • RAID 6 (redundant array of independent disks)

    RAID 6, also known as double-parity RAID, uses two parity stripes on each disk. It allows for two disk failures within the RAID ...

  • hard disk drive (HDD)

    A computer hard disk drive (HDD) is a non-volatile memory hardware device that controls the positioning, reading and writing of ...

  • byte

    In most computer systems, a byte is a unit of data that is eight binary digits long. Bytes are often used to represent a ...