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data silo

copy data

Definition | SearchStorage

Copy data is the electronic data that is created as a result of data protection functions like backups, snapshots and disaster recovery.

structured data

Definition |

Structured data contrasts with unstructured and semi-structured data. The three can be considered to exist on a continuum, with unstructured data ...

reference data

Definition |

Reference data, in the context of data management, are the data objects relevant to transactions, consisting of sets of values, statuses or ...

data compression

Definition | SearchStorage

Data compression is a reduction in the number of bits needed to represent data.

data ingestion

Definition |

Data can be ingested in real time or in batches. When data is ingested in real time, each data item is imported as it is emitted by the source. When ...

dirty data

Definition | SearchDataManagement

In a data warehouse, dirty data is a database record that contains errors.

data corruption

Definition | SearchSQLServer

Data corruption is the deterioration of computer data as a result of some external agent.

data splitting

Definition | SearchSecurity

Data splitting is an approach to protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access by encrypting the data and storing different portions of a file ...

latent data (ambient data)

Definition |

Latent data, also known as ambient data, is the information in computer storage that is not referenced in file allocation tables and is generally not...

data gravity

Definition |

Data gravity is an attribute of data that is manifest in the way software and services are drawn to it relative to its mass (the amount of data).




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