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private cloud

private cloud (internal cloud or corporate cloud)

Definition | searchCloudComputing

Private cloud is a type of cloud computing that delivers similar advantages to public cloud, including scalability and self-service, but through a ...

virtual private cloud (VPC)

Definition | SearchCloudComputing

A virtual private cloud (VPC) is the logical division of a service provider's public cloud multi-tenant architecture to support private cloud ...

private cloud appliance

Definition | SearchConvergedInfrastructure

A private cloud appliance is a hardware device that provides software-defined converged infrastructure functions for an organization’s proprietary ...

private cloud storage (internal cloud storage)

Definition | SearchStorage

Private cloud storage, also called internal cloud storage, is a service delivery model for storage within a large enterprise.

MCSE Private Cloud (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Private Cloud)

Definition | SearchServerVirtualization

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) Private Cloud is a new Microsoft certification covering Windows 2012 Hyper-V and System Center 2012, as ...

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)

Definition | SearchAWS

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) allows a developer to create a virtual network for resources in an isolated section of the Amazon Web ...

private PaaS (private platform as a service)

Definition | SearchCloudComputing

Private platform as a service (private PaaS) is software that facilitates development, deployment and operations for IT on a private infrastructure ...

private CA (private PKI)

Definition | SearchSecurity

Private CA stands for private certification authority and is an enterprise specific CA that functions like a publicly trusted CA but is exclusively ...


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Privatization is the process of transferring an enterprise or industry from the public sector to the private sector. The term has alternate meanings ...

private API

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A private API is an application programming interface that has its application hosted with in-house developers.




  • cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity is the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software and data, from cyberattacks.

  • asymmetric cryptography (public key cryptography)

    Asymmetric cryptography, also called public key cryptography, uses a pair of numerical keys that are mathematically related to ...

  • digital signature

    A digital signature is a mathematical technique used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a message, software or digital...



  • business continuity plan (BCP)

    A business continuity plan (BCP) is a document that consists of the critical information an organization needs to continue ...

  • disaster recovery team

    A disaster recovery team is a group of individuals focused on planning, implementing, maintaining, auditing and testing an ...

  • cloud insurance

    Cloud insurance is any type of financial or data protection obtained by a cloud service provider. 


  • hard disk drive (HDD)

    A computer hard disk drive (HDD) is a non-volatile memory hardware device that controls the positioning, reading and writing of ...

  • byte

    In most computer systems, a byte is a unit of data that is eight binary digits long. Bytes are often used to represent a ...

  • network-attached storage (NAS)

    Network-attached storage (NAS) is dedicated file storage that enables multiple users and heterogeneous client devices to retrieve...